Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weight Loss on TV Review 2 - The Biggest Loser: Circus Drama

...and as always - gratuitous product placements. This time brought to you by Lara Bars. Sheesh! Just TELL US they're a sponsor of this show or they gave you a bunch to try out. That's all I ask! Argh!

RANT (cont'd):  I wonder if Bob even eats Lara Bars himself. He was pretty quick to toss 'em over to the contestants. Didn't see him nibbling on one at all. Hmmmmm curious. Also, I think I need to stop mentioning Lara Bars before you start thinking that I endorse them too - gasp!
* For the record, my fave snack/energy bars are Elevate Me bars becasue they're all natural ( 6 ingredients!), high in protein (15g) and low in fat (less than 4g) with no artificial anything - delish! I'm just sayin. At least I ACTUALLY eat them. Take THAT Bob! Humph! (Ps. Bob I still love you! :)  )

Whats this? Finally some excitement on this show! With Tracey gone (my fave character) I was curious to see what drama (real or fake) they would have on this show. Shay's throwdown with Liz and Rudy was interesting.  See! This is what happens when slimming down stops being fun. Everyone gets pissy! They were probably just hungry, Bob should have thrown 'em a couple Lara Bars (snicker, snicker).

Also, talent aside, I will never get over Jillian's seemingly extra large eyebrows. After several years on this show, how has she managed to escape the makeup artist's tweezers. Good on her. Knowing Jillian, the makeup artist is probably scared of her AND her freakishly large eyebrows.

Yay! Point: Good on Daniel for trying to help his old obese buddy slim down. I didn't understand what the chubby kid said over the sounds of his bouncing neck rolls but it sounded like a lot of BS and excuses for why he planned to remain blissfully obese. You can't help those who don't want to be helped. You just come across as preachy and that doesn't help ANYONE.

Note To Biggest Loser producers: Enough with the 'thoughts' that the losers are supposed to share after the weigh-in. They're dropping massive amounts of weight per week and have to preach to the audience as to why they're sad that they only lost 8lbs in ONE WEEK!  Yikes! I will never get over that.

I give props: Working out with a trapeze artist and with trapeze bars in that circus like room was definitely original and cool. I need to get out of the gym and into something more interesting before I get sick of my tri-weekly jaunts to the basic gym. I saw this poster at my local gym the other day and will definitely check it out next Monday! Its called Brazilicious and you get to shake your boom boom to the rythms of Brazil. Sounds fab! 2 classes left and @  only $10 per 75 minute class, it sounds like a great deal to me. Wish me luck!

Update - DAY 1 - Mini Goals:
Goal 1: Get more sleep (minimum 7 hrs)
Day 1 Result: slept for 6.75 hours
Goal #2: Drink a glass of water (16oz) with lemon first thing every morning
Day 1 Result: It would help if I actually bought some dang lemons first. Feck!


Breakfast (9:15am):
I am officially sick of this shake and will now proceed to find a suitable alternative for the next 3 days.

Mid morning snack (11:45am):
5 crackers
1 oz each of Boursin cream cheese, smoked chipotle cheddar and goat cheese

Lunch - Nick's Spaghetti house - (1pm):

My friend called randomly to take me out to lunch.
How do you say no to that? The answer - you don't!
I tossed my tuna fish sandwich aside & hopped in his ride.


1 Medium sized Garden salad
1 slice of white bread with butter
2 Breaded veal cutlets ( I only ate 1 QTY)
Ravioli pasta with red pasta sauce ( I could only eat 1/2 the dish)
Nibbles of his blueberry cheesecake- so good, I will definitely go back and get a full thick slice in 5lbs or so. I'll bring a gaggle of girls too - 1 big slice and 4 spoons should do us good.

Mid afternoon snack (5:45pm): 
NEW ITEM! Mint chocolate chip brownie from Starbucks - yuck. A friend brought them over for me to try so I tried it. And I won't be trying it again.

Dinner (8:45pm):

Still full from lunch, I just steamed a whole bunch of veggies in Pho broth with a handful of noodles.
....then I had 3 oreo cookies hee hee hee. I was just making sure they were still fresh! They were and are. mmmmmmm

11 glasses of water
2 glasses (8 oz total) of red wine
3 cups of Green tea (1 tea bag, mug refilled 3 times)

7 to 8am - crossfit class again. The highlights were the 150 squats, follow by 75 situps we had to do at the end of the bootcamp like class. Damn they're good over there.

As tomorrow is Remembrance day and a day off here in BC, most gyms are closed or only open between 1pm and 5pm (like REALLY!?) which doesn't help my 9-5 hours during the week. Searching now for a gym thats open in the a.m, otherwise I will be doing the at home workout I should have done on Sunday.

Happy Eating!

Pasta photo credit:
Ping blog

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