Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eating Fail. AKA how to get back on that wagon

Ok, I'm obviously still cruising off my epic 4lb weight loss this past week (woo hoo!) and have subsequently thrown all my healthy eating plans down the drain this weekend.
Must. Get. Back. On. Track. 
Apparently, getting back on track will have to wait until after breakfast.

SLIMMING TIP: My today list, in anticipation of getting back on that dang wagon (I can see it off in the distance...right there next to the Dairy Queen. uh oh).

Today I want to:

Eat better (after breakfast of course) 
Workout at home in front of the TV  (I'm going to do this 1 hour before dinner today!)


Breakfast (11:30am): 
Sunday brunch! I love them so much. Especially the 'mornings after the night befores'. My friends and I get together and compare notes on all the events of the previous night.

It's called the Monster Breakfast. How appropriate.
2 eggs over easy
2 buttermilk pancakes
2 sausage links, butterfly cut
2 pieces of bacon

1 serving of country fried potatoes
Untold amounts of butter and grease, aka - the delicious part

****Update*** Bye bye wagon...
Lunch?? (6:50pm): 
Protein shake & 1 slice of toast with almond butter

1 cheese bun

Snack (7:30pm):
BBQ Corn chips
Sweet chili heat- Doritos

Dinner (9pm):
Salad and chicken breast
1 slice pepperoni pizza
1 slice spicy mushroom pizza
1 tbsp ranch dressing (for dipping!)

Ummm...I helped a friend move a large and heavy TV (I'll take what I can get here!) It's also where I munched on all those dang delicious chips!

10 glasses of water
12oz cafe mocha made with 2% milk
Today's mantra: Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a new day......

Happy eating!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nelly, thanks for the pep talk...I've lost and gained alot this past year..every month lose 5-6...gain 5-6...I don't have any good reasons, just that there are times when I struggle and there has been alot of ups and downs this year, but I haven't given up and I haven't gained anything more this year, so that in itself is a success...previously lost 35lbs, stopped dieting and gained all back +5 (Year before) My motivation list is all good :) Fairly recent...just back dated so that it doesn't show as recent post....thanks for the check in. I can do it!

'Nelley said...

Yes you can! Keep at it and make that cute hubby of yours do it too. Healthy Living is for everyone! Get your pets involved too if you can, lol!

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