Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weight Loss on TV - Biggest Loser Review - Episode 9

Biggest Loser Review

ZIPLOC! This is obviously the product sponsor of this episode. I wonder if Bob or the contestants feel silly uttering insincere lines like 'oh I love this stuff', 'it’s green too?? Wow, that’s amazing!'

Yes folks, Ziploc green bags are powered by 15% wind power which is great but ads within the show - TACKY!

I want to go to any of their houses now and see which contestants actually paid for and are using those green bags.

Anywho, makeovers? I LOVE makeovers. While it’s true that they've lost a lot of weight, if you were to meet any one of them for the first time, you wouldn't know that they had each lost a minimum of 50lbs! I had a friend with me as I forced myself to watch this week's episode and she asked repeatedly "oh so they've lost weight?"
I wasn't too impressed with the makeovers because they're all good looking people so adding a little makeup to the girls and some pizzazz to the fellas was all they really needed.

I can't wait for the finale when we get to see what they look like now. THAT will be a complete transformation and I can't wait to see it.!

It's at this point in the show where I get motivated. Now that they're slimming down to a point where the ladies are right at my weight range (in the 180's) that’s when I put the spoon and the turtles ice cream down (very slowly) and pick up the fresh strawberries instead.

Good luck to Amanda, my new fave character and a big BOOOO to Rudy who made Rebecca cry, was a jerk to Shay and tells others they don't keep their words or can't be trusted when in fact it HE who's the real jerk and fudger of the truth.
As an aside- kudos to Rudy on the hot wife! Wowza! Seeing his before, I'm impressed he got such a hottie who must have obviously been a chubby chaser. Great catch my man!

Computer Status Follow up (I received your emails, thanks for the support!):

What a pain in the arse it is to have a computer go down on you. Viruses are so mean! I have all the virus protection I thought I needed but I guess I needed a little bit more.

I realize too I don't like spontaneity. Well I like it but I like to plan for it. Viruses are the epitome of spontaneity and you certainly can't plan for them. Boooo I say, BOO!!

While my work computer is fast and wonderful - it is not always accessible and plus I have that ol day job to get in the way.

Luckily, no freelance writing jobs right now but I do have a social media project to start ASAP so I need my beautiful baby to work right now!
Good news! Help is arriving in the form of IT friends coming by my place tonight to fix up the ol 'puter, yay!

I will be blogging again daily in no time! Woo! :)

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