Monday, November 9, 2009

New week, fresh start, great beginnings!

I love new beginnings!
As in today, new beginning after a weekend of excessive deliciousness. (see weekend blog for the offending rap sheet) I have 2 mini goals in mind for this week.

Mini Goals:
1. Get more sleep (minimum 7 hrs)
2. Drink a glass of water (16oz) with lemon first thing every morning
Rant of the week: Here in BC (That's short for British Columbia  for my out of country friends) everyone gets Remembrance day off (November 11). Everyone that is, except my company. As we are a national company, most of our holidays are streamlined. Booo to being fair and just across the board. Since our Ontario counterparts have to work, so do we.  Boo! I would happily take on the extra holidays of our friends in Quebec like National Patriots' Day (in May) and La Fête nationale du Québec (in June).
Optimism: well the commute to & from work will be light that day (yay!) and the work load should be light as ALL OUR CORPORATE clients will be off that day. I'm packing bailey's for the coffees that day. Thank goodness for small pleasures!


Breakfast (9:15am):

Good 'ol protein shake

Scoop of protein - 25g of protein

1/4 cup of strawberries
1/4 cup of blueberries
Spoonful of steelcut oats
1/2 cup of milk
1/4 cup plain, full fat yogurt
Dash of stevia 

Mid morning snack (11am):
1 large free range, organic boiled egg sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper

NEW ITEM! well new to me - A handful of Seaweed Tempura. So they take perfectly healthy seaweed, cover it in a tempura batter and deep fry it. Brillant! It's up there with deep fried, cheese covered broccolli (which I have yet to try, but I can't wait to put it in my mouth!)

My thoughts: Weird after taste but I love the crunch. The crunch had me going back for more.
Lunch (12:45pm):
Ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken breast
3 cups Garden Salad (iceberg lettuce, carrots, red cabbage)
1 tbsp French Dressing (bottle says it expired in Sep/09 but its a full bottle & I can't throw it out!)
1 cup chicken enchilada soup

Mid afternoon snack (2:45pm)

Handful of salt & vinegar chips (from that same friend with the tempura seaweed)


Vietnamese noodle soup
Craving some Pho so I had the rare beef noodle bowl
I also bought a bunch of pre cut veggies (it was only $3!) and dumped them all in there along with some bok choy.
Vancouver living rocks!

After dinner snack (9pm):
Then I was craving a little something sweet and luckily (unluckily) my roomie had a block of milk chocolate from which I took a chunk and dipped it into 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.
Mmmmm heaven.

Cardio Day
15 minutes stair master - level 13, fat burner plus profiles
35 minutes on treadmill (Peak - 5.4 mph @ 5.0 incline)
5 minutes stretch and cool down

12 glasses of water
4 oz Cafe Mocha (leftover from yesterday and reheated in the morning)
3 cups of green tea (1 tea bag and mug refilled 3 times)

In review, not too bad really and I'd like to thank you all for keeping me on track. I was gonna bail on the gym today but then I thought - but then i'll have to write that I skipped the gym again in my blog and THAT would suck. So thank you! You're the reason I'll drop those last pesky 30+ lbs!

Happy Eating!

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