Saturday, March 13, 2010

new blog!

Yay, I'm free!  

Come check me out in my new space. I can breathe, yay!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bored now

ya, ya. I know I haven't been around too often lately. I could use the excuse of too much to do but that woudl be a lie. 

Bored now.

Weighed myself yesterday morning - 181.5. down again from the previous week. But I don't want my weight to define me. 


I'm so much more than that and this blog sooo limits me. I'm changing it up. That's it.
A change is gonna come...

Look at all this beautiful white space. Its just WAITING to be written on. with cool, interesting, beautifully constructed sentences with colourful words. 

Fill me baby.
Sometimes a little too colourful.  I take notes from a fave blogger I know and will expand and broaden my horizens. 

What do you love?

food. love. clothing. accessories. boys (sigh). foreign boys (double sigh). oh & did I mention food?
A change is gonna come.

Wanna come with?


Then stay tuned....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gorgeous Blogger Award - Award numero dos!

Yay! I love awards. They mean so much when they come from people/blogs you admire too. 
Thanks to Shannon from  Biggs gets Skinny for the award.
Now, I dislike rules, but apparently this is the red tape that came along with the award. well FINE then! Humph,.

So 6 things you don't know about me:

1. I lie about my age and have had several 25th birthdays (even before I was 25!) My friends all know this and play along with me every year (you're 25...American or I get happy 40th bday cards all the time, lol!)
2. I have 2 brothers whom I love more than anything in the world! They live over on the east side of Canada but we stay in contact all the time via text/email/blackberry messenger and facebook
3. I want to move to Vegas for 4 months, then California for 4 months then France for a year (with a sejour to Ibiza, Spain) then on to Ottawa and then finally move back to my hometown of Toronto. When?? I haven't gotten that far yet. ;)
4. I like animals but don't want to have any pets. I dream of travel and feel that pets hold you back from a spontaneous weekend or month in Vegas. ;)
5. Last summer I traveled to Europe (Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden) and all the walking I did and sharing meals with my parents ('rents are so cool once you move out of their house and across the country!) really kickstarted my weight loss journey and I dropped 15 lbs over the summer, wow!
6. I'm looking forward to slimming down so I can finally buy those 'classic' pieces fashion magazines always say you should spend mucho money on.

Ok, now to pass this great award out to 4 other gorgeous blogger types who I'm currently reading. Now don't get mad (those I don't mention) I love you all for different reasons and will hand out awards accordingly.

In no particular order:
1. I woke up in NYC (I love this title and this girl is DEEEEP!)
2. Coffee in the Corner (looking for love & gorgeous, I like to keep tabs this one)
3. Lessons Learned (an amazing blog with lots of giveaways, yay!)

4. I was told there would be bacon (the title alone cracks me up and yes that's enough!)

Happy early weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 5 thru 8. Who says you can't get rewarded for bad behaviour?

It's truly been a whirlwind few days. Luckily, that's how I like my winds - whirling around uncontrollably.

Whirlwind review - Days 3 thru 8:

Day 5 (SUN,Feb 28):
- Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics followed by several after parties
- The day started with yogurt and fresh fruit and ended in late night pizza and Indian during street celebrations @ 1AM.
- Received an award for my blog (yay!) which I will happily accept on my behalf tomorrow when I have a moment to sit down and write a heartfelt thanks

Day 6 (MON,Mar 1):
- Olympic headquarters closing party at night
- Day began with a vegetarian brunch and ended in poutine (so good yet so, so wrong) after a night of company provided booze and appies. 
Brunch: Poached eggs over corn muffin tops with pinto beans, & roasted potatoes

Day 7 (TUES, Mar 2):
-One of my best friend's was in town for one last day before heading back to Toronto. I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding and we had fun shopping for bridesmaid dresses. 
Trying on the dresses:
I love this dress. The style with the belt is so great!
The winning dress. The front design sooo hides your belly bulge, yay!
We're the best (gym buddies) and worst (taco bell buddies) influences on each other but we always have fun together.
Sniff, sniff. I miss her and the snacks, cookies and desserts we shared already.
Like this white chocolate mocha - so pretty but made with half homo milk and half skim milk - yikes!
The calories look so pretty under all this makeup!

DAY 8 (WED, Mar 3):
Date night. After a 5 week hiatus, I am finally back on the market, yay!

Oh I've missed dating sooo much. I just want to give dating a big ol hug and never let go!
I'm feeling bubbly and giggly and can't wait to see this fellow again. Now that 12 hour days are a thing of the past, I actually want to go out at night and not crash out on my couch till next day. 
Plus! Weighed myself this morning (so worried about Friday's weigh in) and, surprise, surprise - 183! Down 1.5lbs already from last Friday and still 2 days till weigh in. Phew. That damn (delicious) poutine didn't knock me off the charts like I thought it would. I'll make a date to see poutine again in a few months, but for now...

Healthy Plans:
1. Plan meals for the next week
2. Grocery shopping (get reacquainted)
3. Gym classes - boxing, yoga and back to Crossfit this weekend
4. Review health and fitness goals from last week

Happy eating!