Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coconut chicken & rice betrayal

First off, in weighted news: I’m teetering @ 180 lbs this morning on the scale. Woo!

I’m super happy to read it but I should technically be @ 178lbs this morning so in reality I’m 1.5 lbs off and should be sad and disappointed.
Ah well. Ate lots of sweets and such this weekend (followed by milk chocolates and shortbread cookies) but I went mountain biking for 5 hours on Saturday and that is definitely what saved me from a worse fate (like 180.5, gasp! Lol!)
By doing a google search of the calories burned, I burned anywhere from 2000 to 3500 calories (depending on which calorie burner you believe. I believe the 3500 one!)

So close to being in the 170’s I can taste it. This Friday will get me there for sure.

In other news:
My friend did something that both annoyed and frustrated me. She’s a great cook and creates exotic dishes for everyone to enjoy (curries, coconut milk flavoured chickens, savoury rice dishes, etc).  She always makes delicious stuff but as with most ethnic dishes, the dishes are shiny (my term for lots of oil – think Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc).

There’s no stopping her as well because she'll cook and bring her dishes whether I want her to or not.

She offered to cook for us (a coworker and I) and make a chicken curry with rice dish, and I said sure thing, but told her I’m trying to eat healthier so please just make sure you use brown rice and I’m in.
She refused, saying it tastes better with white rice.  I replied fine, fine and mentally cut my portion down by half and planned to include a garden salad in the meal instead to supplement the rest.

Asking if she would be joining us for lunch too (she was coming in to my workplace from a couple cities over) she said, get this:

“Oh no, not for me. I can’t eat that stuff, I’m on a diet. “


Can you believe that??
Mmmm. Shiny!

Oh and by the way, the dish of food she dropped off for a friend and I, was enough to feed the whole team (7 people ate a full lunch)