Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drinking from Camels

Their milk at least...

my friend sent me this link earlier today:
Soy milk and rice milk are old hat. So why not try Camel's milk - or maybe some camelbert cheese?

Nutraingredients reports that Camel milk may soon appear in European supermarkets. The milk is three times higher in Vitamin C than cows milk (src) - and lower in saturated fat.

A camel dairy in Mauritania even makes a soft cheese from the milk - called 'camelbert'.

Not to be outdone, a chocolatier from Vienna is using powdered camel milk to make the world's first camel chocolate. The manufacturer intends to ship 50 tons of the chocolate back to the middle east - targeting wealthy tourists staying in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

"Milk is money" says the United Nations FAO dairy expert. I'm sure the (cow) dairy industry would agree.

Cool! I would totally try that.  If you read the comments too they talk about making chocolate from camel's milk.  I like cow, sheep and goat's milk so camel milk is just the next logical step! 
I'm placing my order today...where to place it, not really sure. Not many  (actually ZERO) camel farms in Vancouver.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

How to lose weight (5 tips)

I've gotten several emails asking how I did this (I'm still trying to do it!) and even co workers and friends want to know.

As I weighed myself this week (183.5, up 4 lbs from May, argh!) I figured it's time to remind myself how I WAS doing it as well as how I can continue in my quest to slim it down:

  1. Eat more: if you do nothing else, add veggies and fruits to every meal and snacks during your day. Then start to cut out the other stuff and increase your veggie/fruit intake
  2. Battle it out: Every day will be a battle until it stops being a battle. Accept it up front then you won't feel frustration when you question "Why is this so f#$king hard!??" It's hard cuz fat's a mean SOB that's holding onto your thighs for dear life. Battle it out. You're guaranteed to win in the end!  
  3. Move your ass: Do whatever you love: I love fitness classes and personal training cuz I like people to tell me what to do for an hour so I can just shut my brain the feck off for 45 to 90mins and burn calories
  4. Bargaining is key: Last night I wanted a cheesy slice of pizza but told myself if I ate nothing at night then I could have whatever I wanted for breakfast. In the morning, I'm typically not hungry so I would have a regular, balanced breakfast anyway (ie no cheesy pizza), but I'm ALLOWED to have whatever I want and that mentality is key!
  5. If you don't succeed....: Every meal, every snack, every offer of "Hey, do you want some of this (insert unhealthy snack here)?" is a challenge and a chance to start again. Don't let a lunchtime slip-uip affect the rest of your day. Plan a delicious, healthy dinner and start again!
to be continued...

What are your best  - eat healthy/stay healthy tips?  write em below or send them to

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to create a great Friday 'to do' list


  1. Discover
  2. Read
  3. Dream
  4. Imagine
  5. Learn
  6. Expand
  7. Encompass
  8. Encourage
  9. Accept
  10. Challenge
  11. Grow
As an addition - this is a sign I see all over my neighbourhood. Who the heck buys USED mattresses? Is it just me or is this the most disgusting thing you've ever seen!!?!
I'd rather sleep on the floor, THE FLOOR!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How the scale can (almost) lead you astray...

I weighed myself on Thursday morning to see- 180.5. 
Fine, fine. weekly and daily fluctuations but I was sure it would go back to normal (normal right now is 179.5).
No sweat.  Not a problem. "See you tomorrow scale!"
Ran late on Friday and forgot to weigh in and instead weighed myself on monday morning.


In pounds.


There's not enough water a person can drink to make THAT number happen (oh its just water weight!). 
6 lbs in 3 days?? I better be 5 months pregnant (Jesus's baby, obviously).

Sure I  had movie popcorn with butter and chocolates on friday followed by a BBQ smorgasbord on saturday and then butter chicken sunday with friends but SIX POUNDS!!

One thing to say about pregnant women is that at least they're GUARANTEED to drop 10lbs in 9 months.  This last 20 is taking me forever! That's like 2 babies, wah!

How was I supposed to wedge my butt into my size 9 jeans with 6 extra pounds down there?

How was I supposed to wear the form fitting slinky dress/shirt over leggings when I had a muffin top to get rid of first?

How people, how???

Luckily, I didn't have to worry. In fact, everything is actually fitting BETTER than before. 

I don't know why, I don't understand it either and I sure as hell ain't gonna question it either. 
However, to be on the safe side, I'm still going to keep the healthy eating going till this Friday's OFFICIAL weigh in.


Oh and lunch today was this! 
Avocado, strawberries, poppyseed dressing, spring mix salad, carrots and cucumber.
Added two boiled eggs on the side (protein) and 3 cups air popped popcorn (fibre)
Yay to salads! we're best friends again. ;) ...for now.

Happy eating!