Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh man how time flies

I have great post ideas in my head but no time- no that's wrong- I'm not making the time to post though.

Booo to me!
But wait!

I can do better and will do better.....starting tomorrow.

Blogging is so important to me so I must make the time to do it...dammit!

In the meantime, somE cool shots from the island -Victoria Island in BC, Canada. My friend took these of her sister's gorgeous garden and now they're my screen saver and desktop background. I luv beauty nature shots!

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

How Skinny friends keep you away from the fridge

Happy Thoughts!
I’ve known my skinny friend for almost 3 years now and only recently learned about her true eating habits.

I talk/text/visit/harass her all the time and she’s always mentioning processed foods that she’s eating or processed foods that she plans on eating. When I go to her house for house parties and the like, she has chips and cheesies and other stuff around and her cupboards have products like side kicks and Kraft dinner in them and her fridge is mostly empty but does have pop in it.

In any case, my assumption was that she was one of those ‘naturally’ skinny bitches that you hear about who just can’t gain weight.

Instead, it turns out I had it all wrong.

She does eat salads most days of the week for dinner and has a larger lunch (provided by the catering company that she works for) which can be a hot lunch or sandwiches.

Overall though, the processed foods are kept to a minimum (or she pairs them with salads or soups) and grains, veggies and fruits are at a higher level.

All the while I was jealous that she was able to eat whatever she wanted and not have to exercise and still not gain weight when in reality, she was eating well balanced meals in proper proportions! She also uses her Nintendo wii to exercise on a few times a week and has a great time doing it.


This turned my world upside down.

Up was down. Black was white, sideways was left!

So skinny folks DO eat healthier and in smaller proportions and exercise too.

Now I have no excuse. There’s no ‘poor me’ mantra or ‘I’m the victim in this’ idea to hide behind. To be at a healthy weight I have to do healthy things.

My body is my temple and I need to treat it as such and keep the riff raff out.

I’m inspired and committed and can be the healthy person I’ve always wanted to be!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How random messages from an ass can help to motivate ‘your’ ass

In this case I was debating whether or not I should go to hot yoga this evening as it’s a 2hour time commitment. In comes a random text from the ex.

Angry that I had sent him a cheque for money I said I would give him. Well not angry for that. Actually he was angry that I included a brief note (or letter as he called it) that simply said:

Hi (insert the dumbass’ name here),
I hope all is well with you and yours.
Thanks for your patience (I had meant to write the cheque in January and never got around to it)

Signed me (plus I'm sure I added a happy face)

Hmmm. I may have also added an 'xoxo' but that's not really like me.
I thought it would be too cold and heartless just to send a cheque in an empty envelope. To me it would be a slap in the face from someone I just spent years with. Was I wrong???  His text to me was how dare I be so fake and nice and send him letters when in reality I was so mean and horrible to him.

We’ve broke up over 6 months ago and he has a new gf, they have a puppy together and they live together too. I don’t understand how being nice can be a bad thing. I want them to be happy. Well him at least. I could care less about his new whore. Lol!

One of gf's says to be flattered cuz obviously he still has some unresolved issues.

In any case, it definitely worked to get me all riled up and now I MUST go to the gym! After all, the best revenge is looking and feeling great and I always feel POWERFUL after hot yoga.

Damn right!!!

Anywho, just wanna say thanks to my ex for this much needed motivational push.

Ha!!! Any random ex lover stories out there? The weirder the better too. ;)

Happy Vengeance!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

How Kit Kat chunky can help you to slim down

We had a box of these delicious beauties at work last week.  I took 6 of them and gave one to my roommate. 
I had one on Thursday and then one on Friday and then I had 1/4 of one today. I love them because they taste so good but also because when I eat one at work, I stop eating all the other nibblies I have at the office (almonds, triscuit crackers and whatever lurks in my coworkers' candy drawer).  

KIT KAT Chunky 
(great name btw. May as well call it kit kat fatty, but I digress)
  • 14 grams of fat
  • 260 calories
No, I am not totally condoning kit kats as a weight loss tool (portion control, increase fiber, blah , blah, blah) I was just surprised at how filling it was and how it encouraged me to go the gym after work and do a little extra workout in the morning so that I could EARN my delicious afternoon snack. mmmmm.

I guess my point is that sometimes it's better to go full fat if it will help you to stop shoving random crap down your throat. Better to eat the thing you really, really want versus a bunch of non fat/low fat items that you simply graze on but never feel satisfied with.

I'll test this theory at the next weigh in and let you know how it goes... ;)

Oh yes and only 2 days to Vegas, woo! Time to get some sleep, put some moisturizer on the feet and get ready for 5 days of debauchery (AKA one heck of a time).

Happy Eating!