Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How random messages from an ass can help to motivate ‘your’ ass

In this case I was debating whether or not I should go to hot yoga this evening as it’s a 2hour time commitment. In comes a random text from the ex.

Angry that I had sent him a cheque for money I said I would give him. Well not angry for that. Actually he was angry that I included a brief note (or letter as he called it) that simply said:

Hi (insert the dumbass’ name here),
I hope all is well with you and yours.
Thanks for your patience (I had meant to write the cheque in January and never got around to it)

Signed me (plus I'm sure I added a happy face)

Hmmm. I may have also added an 'xoxo' but that's not really like me.
I thought it would be too cold and heartless just to send a cheque in an empty envelope. To me it would be a slap in the face from someone I just spent years with. Was I wrong???  His text to me was how dare I be so fake and nice and send him letters when in reality I was so mean and horrible to him.

We’ve broke up over 6 months ago and he has a new gf, they have a puppy together and they live together too. I don’t understand how being nice can be a bad thing. I want them to be happy. Well him at least. I could care less about his new whore. Lol!

One of gf's says to be flattered cuz obviously he still has some unresolved issues.

In any case, it definitely worked to get me all riled up and now I MUST go to the gym! After all, the best revenge is looking and feeling great and I always feel POWERFUL after hot yoga.

Damn right!!!

Anywho, just wanna say thanks to my ex for this much needed motivational push.

Ha!!! Any random ex lover stories out there? The weirder the better too. ;)

Happy Vengeance!
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Blonde Bookworm! said...

Hahaha I love this - your honesty is awesome! :)

Q said...

i hope your ex doesn't know you even have a blog, far less read this entry. hahahahaaa!!

yuh brutal!!!

T. Michelle said...

wow...i wish i could say my ex makes me wanna work out...instead he makes me want to eat...all the wrong sweet, greasy stuff that I dont need to be eating out of anger!...

but yeah your ex has some unresolved issues to even comment on a simple

'Nelley said...

@Blonde -I can be nothing but honest.
@Q. lol! That man can't read to save his life. If it ain't porn, sports or gambling related - he ain't interested.
@T. - No! Turn it around and put all that negative energy back on him. Take care of yourself cuz we know his dumb ass ain't gonna do it. ;)
Cheers all! :)

Hungry For Living said...

YES!! Love It!! Wow way to over react.
Last week I sent my ex a friend request on Facebook, in it i included a note congradulating him on his engagment
(He has been with his new gf about a year -she has the same name as me-LOL- and they already have two twin babies)
I thought I was being nice since we are both in serious relationships and HE was the one who cheated one me (many times), I just wanted him to know that it was the past & we are both adults now.. who shared 4 years (all of college) growing up and learning about life together. I will always have a place for him in my heart(not romantic). He wrote back that him and his new GF decided not to be "friends" with ex's. LOL

'Nelley said...

@Hungry -lol! good for you for making the effort! You're taking the high road for sure! :)

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