Saturday, April 2, 2011

A wedding show to bring me back to life

I thought when you had no time to eat that you lost weight. 
Turns out you simply seek out quick bursts of food, not always making the healthiest decisions. 
But the gooey slice of 3-cheese pizza was sooo worth it. mmm.And saved me from having to chop and prepare veggies for a salad.

What's taking up my time these days? Event planning for The 2011 Perfect Wedding show! I'll drop a shameless plug right here on this blog too since its the reason I have not made time to eat properly or plan healthy meals in advance:

The event is in 2 weeks and once that happens I'll be free, Free, FREE to blog once again. I'm still doing the once weekly thing over @ but I miss the pressure and expectation of this blog. April 18 (or the week of at least) will be the return to the blog! 
This summer will be the summer of near nudity, AKA bathing suit season! I have no excuse. Its do or die time. Get into the bikini (or a cure tankini and g string bottomed suit) or give up the fight and let the bulge win.

We're gonna have to put some money on this thing too since its seems that's how I work best. ;)
Gotta go.
'till next time my dears. In the meantime...

Happy eating! :)