Monday, May 17, 2010

How Skinny friends keep you away from the fridge

Happy Thoughts!
I’ve known my skinny friend for almost 3 years now and only recently learned about her true eating habits.

I talk/text/visit/harass her all the time and she’s always mentioning processed foods that she’s eating or processed foods that she plans on eating. When I go to her house for house parties and the like, she has chips and cheesies and other stuff around and her cupboards have products like side kicks and Kraft dinner in them and her fridge is mostly empty but does have pop in it.

In any case, my assumption was that she was one of those ‘naturally’ skinny bitches that you hear about who just can’t gain weight.

Instead, it turns out I had it all wrong.

She does eat salads most days of the week for dinner and has a larger lunch (provided by the catering company that she works for) which can be a hot lunch or sandwiches.

Overall though, the processed foods are kept to a minimum (or she pairs them with salads or soups) and grains, veggies and fruits are at a higher level.

All the while I was jealous that she was able to eat whatever she wanted and not have to exercise and still not gain weight when in reality, she was eating well balanced meals in proper proportions! She also uses her Nintendo wii to exercise on a few times a week and has a great time doing it.


This turned my world upside down.

Up was down. Black was white, sideways was left!

So skinny folks DO eat healthier and in smaller proportions and exercise too.

Now I have no excuse. There’s no ‘poor me’ mantra or ‘I’m the victim in this’ idea to hide behind. To be at a healthy weight I have to do healthy things.

My body is my temple and I need to treat it as such and keep the riff raff out.

I’m inspired and committed and can be the healthy person I’ve always wanted to be!



- The Virgin Author! said...

Once you lose all that weight and feel good about yourself you're just going to gain it all back. If you're fat you're always going to be fat. If you lose 60 pounds you're still going to be that fat!

'Nelley said...

Whatever. You live your life how you wanna live it. We're taught unhealthy lifestyles as a kid and we have to work to overcome them. Challenges are good for the soul. Chin up my depressed friend. Step away from the ice cream and move over to the treadmill. Ur ass will thank you.

notesfromnadir said...

As Nelley wrote, "challenges are good for the soul." Of course she's right.

You're making a lot of progress from what I see on this site. You can only eat 1 meal at a time & when you eat, the best time to do so is when you really feel hungry.

Another trick is to have meals in a pleasant environment. Play music you like, be relaxed & take time to enjoy your meal. Don't rush, this isn't a competition!

Here's another tip. Use nice dishes & your food will look better. Even if you have to go to a discount or thrift store you can find some beautiful china & even silverware for only a few bucks. It's well worth it to create that pleasant eating environment!

Hope this helps & be glad that your friend eats healthy foods & exercises. It's also fine to eat junk food occasionally, there are times when you need it. But, most of the time your body really appreciates quality food.

myletterstoemily said...

you are a hoot giving us the low down on skinny girls!

Nona said...

Isn't this the most shocking but ultimately the best revelation ever???

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I think it is also helpful to see what skinny gals are ordering when eating out. Great blog! I love that you are working hard for your goals and using this as means of helping yourself. Keep it up!

'Nelley said...

@myletters - I'm keeping hot on their tiny trails! stay tuned. ;)

@Nona - Absolutely! Its so good to know too. Just feels like a relief. There IS no miracle cure or pill out there. Just hard work and healthy eating.

@Lisa -thx for the positive words and yes, I should pay attention to that next time. Most of my friends r bigger girls so we need to seek out the skinnies and see if and when they go out, do they eat full meals or just the garnishes on their alcoholic beverages, hee hee hee

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