Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gorgeous Blogger Award - Award numero dos!

Yay! I love awards. They mean so much when they come from people/blogs you admire too. 
Thanks to Shannon from  Biggs gets Skinny for the award.
Now, I dislike rules, but apparently this is the red tape that came along with the award. well FINE then! Humph,.

So 6 things you don't know about me:

1. I lie about my age and have had several 25th birthdays (even before I was 25!) My friends all know this and play along with me every year (you're 25...American or I get happy 40th bday cards all the time, lol!)
2. I have 2 brothers whom I love more than anything in the world! They live over on the east side of Canada but we stay in contact all the time via text/email/blackberry messenger and facebook
3. I want to move to Vegas for 4 months, then California for 4 months then France for a year (with a sejour to Ibiza, Spain) then on to Ottawa and then finally move back to my hometown of Toronto. When?? I haven't gotten that far yet. ;)
4. I like animals but don't want to have any pets. I dream of travel and feel that pets hold you back from a spontaneous weekend or month in Vegas. ;)
5. Last summer I traveled to Europe (Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden) and all the walking I did and sharing meals with my parents ('rents are so cool once you move out of their house and across the country!) really kickstarted my weight loss journey and I dropped 15 lbs over the summer, wow!
6. I'm looking forward to slimming down so I can finally buy those 'classic' pieces fashion magazines always say you should spend mucho money on.

Ok, now to pass this great award out to 4 other gorgeous blogger types who I'm currently reading. Now don't get mad (those I don't mention) I love you all for different reasons and will hand out awards accordingly.

In no particular order:
1. I woke up in NYC (I love this title and this girl is DEEEEP!)
2. Coffee in the Corner (looking for love & gorgeous, I like to keep tabs this one)
3. Lessons Learned (an amazing blog with lots of giveaways, yay!)

4. I was told there would be bacon (the title alone cracks me up and yes that's enough!)

Happy early weekend!

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Blonde Bookworm! said...

Hey lady!!! Aw thanks so much for the award, I was trying to think of what to write about today and you just made the process a whole heck of a lot easier =) I have thoroughly enjoyed "keeping tabs on you" too!! Happy Friday, we made it to the weekend!!!!!!!

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