Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breaking up is easy!

SLIMMING TIP: Breakin' it up.  Experts suggest 30 minutes a day of cardio but I prefer to do 45min to at least 1hour. Does 45 mins on the treadmill sound like too much? I typically break it down into 15 to 20 minutes segments to keep it light and fun.

I'm in a competition with 8 other slim-challenged girlfriends to drop as much excess baggage as we can.  We started this competition back in June of this year. But as of Friday, November 13th, there will be only 30 days left. On December 13th, we each take part in the FINAL weigh-in. The winner takes home the $900 pot. Plus they get to plan a celebratory party for the group while we celebrate our healthier (and hopefuly MUCH slimmer selves.)

What this means - no more dilly dallying, No more joking around and no more excuses!


Tomorrow's game plan: Get some new recipes (courtesy of some fellow bloggers, thanks!), figure out a work out schedule and plan for any hiccups (dinner parties tomorrow and saturday night and a vegas trip for the first weekend of December). Plus I'll need tons of motivation, support and good friends who'll forgive me when I snap at them because I cut of sugar for a few days (I'm curious to see how long I can last -sugar free!).

Wish me luck!

Breakfast (8:15am):
The ol' breakfast smoothie. Yes, I'm a little sick of them too so I'll need to get some nw recipes for this one.

Mid morning snack (11:15am):

1 free rande, organic boiled egg

Lunch (1pm):
Leftover nicks spaghetti house so
1 breaded veal cutlet with cheese
3/4 cup spaghetti
1.5 cups of mixed veggies in sauce

Dinner (8:30pm):
Greek Salad with grilled chicken
Feta cheese
Black olives
Romaine lettuce

10 glasses of water
3 cups of green tea (2 tea bags, mug refilled)


45 minutes of sprints and walking on the treadmill

Happy Eating!

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