Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh I get it - I'm on a plateau!

I would actually prefer a pedestal but...

So the day after I scarf down bagels for lunch, cupcakes later on and other delicious foodstuffs, I actually dropped 1/2 a pound from the day before.
Go figure!

So now I'm back down to 183. yay. Only 25lbs to go. Double yay.
I'm gonna kick the pants off those last 25.
But I've been @ 183 for a few weeks now and there are only 2 weeks left until the December 13th weigh-in for the $900 prize. I'm currently leading but the person in second is now on one of those Dr. Bernstein type diets and is closing in fast.  I'll need to step up my game to maintain my lead. Another 5lbs or so in the next 2 weeks should do it. I'll start with a 90 minute boxing class in the morning followed by a protein shake and go from there. 
I'll keep you posted on that.

Vegas is coming up this weekend too. So excited! As I will be drinking all my calories in hard booze with diet sodas (who has time to eat in Vegas??) I'm not too worried about vacation eating. There will be no buffets or all-you-can-eats for me. Plus with all the dancing and walking my girlfriends and I will be doing, I know I'll be able to get my exercise in that way.

Also, whoever said you can't lose weight if you drink booze obviously didn't realize that you simply have to cut out the FOOD part if you're gonna be drinking. Meals this weekend will consist of limes, lemons, celery sticks, maraschino cherries and whatever else they garnish the drinks with there. 
Last time in Vegas (just a few months ago) I lost 5lbs over a 4 day period. 
Here's hoping my luck hasn't run out.
Yay! I think a triple yay is in order here too. yay yay yay!


Breakfast (2:45pm - had a house party last night & started day REAL late)
Shrimp omellet
3 oz Shrimp meat
1 egg plus 4 egg whites
1/4 cup Mushrooms, Onions & Green onions
1 oz goat cheese, crumbled
=I've been craving this for awhile and it was delicious.
Afternoon snack (5:30pm)
1 baby bel cheese
8 red grapes

Lunch (7pm)
Chicken stir fry
1/4 cup jasmine rice
3 oz chicken
2 cups broccoli, red/green/orange peppers and muchrooms
Teriyaki sauce
soy sauce

Dinner (10:30pm)
Hot dog with ketchup, mustard and relish

9 glasses of water
1 americano
1 hot chocolate

15 minutes on stairmaster (level 13)
25 minutes on treadmill (11 minutes of sprints, walking rest of time)
10 minutes weighted sqauts and lunges
10 minutes ab work and stretching

Happy Eating!


Miss_Nobody said...

Hope you have a fantastic time in Vegas!!Keep it going for the prize!

'Nelley said...

Hey Miss N, Vegas was a blast! A little too much of a blast though, I need a week to recover but no time! The final weigh in is this weekend and I need to win. Thanks for the well wishes. :)

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