Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Free food for all! My second weakness.

Free breakfast at work and leftover free breakfast items throughout the day.
Lunch will be light (tuna sashimi) and dinner will have to be lighter (garden salad maybe??). This is the plan for now but we'll see how that goes... wish me luck!

SLIMMING TIP:Take some rest. After power squats on Monday and Spin class last night, my quads are screaming at me when I move and my legs feel like jelly. Yay! This means they're building new muscle tissue and that the workouts are working. The burn felt good and this continued tolerable burn feels better! It also means I'm burning calories, even as I sit on my butt here @ work. Resting sometimes makes you feel guilty but resting is so important in order to avoid burnout, fatique and potential injury. 30 minutes of treadmill sprints are calling to me but alas, I cannot answer. Tomorrow it is!


Breakfast (9:15am):
1/2 whole wheat bagel with bacon, cheddar cheese and an egg
1 mini croissant
Nibbled on a 1/4 of a slice of banana bread (then tossed it out! I banish thee, extra calories!)

Lunch (1:15pm):
1 order of Tuna sahimi with soy sauce, ginger & wasabi paste
1/4 sesame bagel with
More nibbling - chocolate coffee cake (turns out I don't like this - yuck!), cinnamon danish (3/4 of one)

Hmmmm still full from nibbling all day. I have a crab cake salad pencilled in for dinner in the meal plan but we'll see if i feel like that later on. Right now I'm craving nice hot soup.

1/2 cup of chicken enchilada soup (7:15pm)
Out for dinner (9:15pm):
Steak and goat cheese salad - my favourite!
6oz steak (I asked for medium rare & got medium well - argh!)
Mixed greens
2 oz goat cheese
Herb vinaigrette dressing (on the side)
My guy friend ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries so I also had 5 fries and 2 bites of his burger. I love boys! All the taste with none of the guilt.

No exercise today. Sigh. It's a day of rest for me. Ooooo! I think I'll do some sit ups and crunches later on in front of the TV. I need to do SOMETHING active and that doesn't involve my leg muscles. Yay! Crunches it is.

Green tea - 3 cups (1 tea bag, mug refilled 3 times)
1 cup of coffee - 2 packs of half&half cream and 1 brown sugar packet
6 glasses of water (so far) 4 to go!

Happy Eating!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nelley, thanks for commenting on my blog! You were wondering about my protein sources...I'm not too overly concerned as I'm still eating some fish (love sushi!) and I'm also consuming some dairy and eggs. Other than that I eat lots of foods that have protein. So many of the foods we eat contain protein, just not animal protein. I enjoy beans,peas, and lentils along with nuts and seeds which are great sources of protein.I also have soy milk and small amounts of tofu. I've done a fair amount of reading and everything I've come across says the same long as you eat a healthy balanced diet,a vegetarian gets more than enough protein, and many meat eaters consume too much protein.I'm still learning as I go too...there is lots of info out there =)

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