Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dental work as appetite suppressant??

Hmmm.... apparently not.
Saturday, November 7, 2009
Going to appointment #3 of 4 for this dang root canal today. I complained to my dentist that I thought root canals were only for meth heads and candy addicts (I'm neither btw) and he explained that I have weak enamel (soft teeth) and that I will be more prone to cavities, etc. As a person who brushes 3x day and flosses daily - this finally explains the 10+ fillings in my mouth.
The appointment is for 2.5 hours too! I can't imagine! I haven't been on my back for that long a period of time with a handsome man without him first buying me dinner and a movie. ;)


Pre Root canal:
Scheduled 2pm today so psychologically that means I have to stuff my face full of all the hard candy and peanut brittle I can beforehand as I won't be able to eat properly until ???

Luckily my dentist is super hot too (he looks like Smith from sex and the city, but with a smaller more dentist- like build, lucky me!)

Breakfast (1pm):
1 yolk +3 egg white omelet
2 oz rosemary ham
2 blueberry eggo waffles (hug craving for these and mmmmm
1 tbs syrup (I would kill for corn syrup but settled for aunt Jemima's)

Post Root Canal:

Lunch (5:30pm):
Starving! All that laying there on my back and doing nothing is so tiring!
1 protein shake from Jugo Juice (30g of protein per serving)

Invited to a friend's house for appetizers and pre-drinks (going to bar later) to celebrate the Christening of their adorable baby girl. ( I assume adorable cuz everyone ooo'd and ahhhh'd at her but I can never tell these things)

5 California rolls
4 Tuna rolls
2 smoked salmon rolls
4 dynamite rolls
3oz spicy tuna sashimi
2 pieces of edamame 

4 medium sized chocolate rice krispie square treats or what my friend lovingly referred to as 'chocolate crack'. I'm now addicted.

It's a Cardio day!
15 minutes on stair master @ level 12
30 minutes  jogging on treadmill
10 minutes on elliptical @ level 15 (warm up)

@ home - 6 glasses of water (below my goal of 10+, boo!)

@ the bar - 5oz vanilla vodka ( 2 doubles, 1 single) mixed with diet coke

Happy eating!

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