Monday, April 26, 2010

How to look and feel beautiful in 10 days or less

Vegas is just over a week away (10 days, woo!). Now I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be bikini ready by then and still face the unfavourable trip to the swimsuit shop this weekend.

Now THAT's bikini ready!

I’m in the market for Tankinis cuz those are the most flattering on my curvy/jiggly body type I think and they must, Must, MUST have underwire. You big boobied girls know what I’m talkin 'bout. Until I get the dream boob job to keep them in place (gravity, be damned!) underwire in swimsuits will be my twins' saviour.

I'll probably only wear it for one afternoon (out of 4) spent poolside but my plan is to vegas it up as much as possible. This means wraps and jewelry and chains and unnecessary gaudy adornments, all with the purpose to look as stylish and as Vegas as possible.

So I can’t do much in the firm body category in only 10 days but I can make sure every over part of me looks great. In this realm I introduce to myself 10 days of beauty.

Starting with the usual suspects:
- Shaving and a bikini wax
- French manicure (need to get my gels filled)
- Sleeping 8+ hrs/night ( reduces bags
- Cleansing all my makeup brushes (encourages clear skin and less shine)
- Moisturizers In the morning (with SPF) and a thicker one at night to help repair the skin
- Vaseline, plastic wrap and warm socks on the feet at night (makes your ankles soft and beautiful)
- Biore pore strips 2 days before I go (minimize my pores)
- Lots of water (always a safe bet)
- Painting toe nails (this weekend)
- Hot oil treatments for the hair with daily conditionning
- Healthy eating of course (as always)

As I’m still stuck on the ol budget (free me!) I can only do inexpensive or homemade remedies.

My personal fave is the vaseline and plastic wrap because your feet feel so soft and amazing in the morning.

So starting today - I begin the regime in the countdown to beauty.  If you feel beautiful then you will look beautiful too. It all works together I say.

Any tips out there on inexpensive beauty rituals?? I'm all ears!

Happy beautifying!

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