Monday, April 5, 2010

My how time flies...

Has it really been almost a month already that I have avoided this blog??
My bad and never again! My apologies to you slimmingtimes. You must feel so neglected
(gives blog and bloggers a big hug)
April is in full swing for me and I have given myself a challenge for this month. Its food and money related.
#1- I spend too much money. I always have and probably always will. 
#2- most of my money gets spent on food and food related items.

The goal: $149.75/week.  This is my food, entertainment and starbucks $$$. All the extras that we don't think about - this is how much I can spend on them per week.
I'm already 5 days in and so far, so good.  I haven't spent much on food and my wallet is thicker for it. Plus the biggest realization is that I have tons of food in my fridge and cupboards and its great to actually be able to use up my supplies BEFORE I head back to the grocery store.
However, I almost over budget because I got my hair done, bikini wax and went out drinking a couple nights this long weekend - whoops! ;) I have $0.50 left until wednesday. I need to either sell something or find more $$$ in my house. 

In the meantime, I'm happy to hear any food related or fun related money saving tips because I've never cared to NOT spend $$$ before but I'm excited to find ways to cut corners while still having a good time. So if you have any money saving tips - please let me know. PLEASE! lol!

More to come and wish me luck! :)


Anonymous said...

ALL change I have gets thrown in a big jar.. After 6 months I usually have enough for a day of pampering myself.. Facial, Pedicure, latte, book, and a movie.. ALL to MYself!

'Nelley said...

Hey Nikki, what a great idea! I'm gonna get my roomie and I to try that...although I see it all going towards laundry, lol! Thanks for the tip! :)

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