Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eye cream!

I forgot I had this stuff. I bought it a few months ago from a friend selling Arbonne. I don't have much faith in eye creams but I hope it at least reduces my chances of getting crow’s feet. Aging gracefully my ass. That's reserved for the rich who can afford to pay to hold onto their youth and the crazies who enjoy premature aging.

In any case, I can't wait to start using the cream in my 'Countdown to Vegas Beauty'. If it works, I'll let you know for sure!  7 days remain until I fly out with 4 other Vegas minded girlfriends to fun, sun and booze. From the sounds of things, it sounds like everyone is starving themselves and working out like crazy right now in preparation. 
good on them. A gaggle of good looking girls is a great way to travel.

Ok, so on my journey to inner beauty via outer beauty I am currently:

Body: Hot yoga: I'll make 4 more trips to the hot yoga studio in the next week and 1 spinning class
Eyes: Eye cream and potatoes for the bags and the circles
Face: Nightime moisturizer and acne wipes
Mentally: Resting up! 8 hours of sleep per night
Superficial: waxing and nail appointment this weekend

Anything else??  hmmmmm... There can always be more beauty out there.... Ideas, as always, are welcome!

Happy beautifying!

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