Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eating in is so hard to do

Day 8 on the budget and so far, so.... Well okay, I'm $50 over my 149.75 budget. Whoops!
What?? My roomie just told me that its only day 6. April 6. Dammit! lol! So I am WAY over budget already?? Yikes!

The whole point of the budget is to 1- spend less, 2- save more $$$ and 3 - eat the piles and piles of food I have in my fridge, freezer and cupboards.  Every week or so it feels like I'm buying new stuff and throwing out stuff I didn't get around to using, forgot I had or just didn't feel like eating (sorry brussel sprouts)

I expect this experiment to produce several outcomes:

- More $$$ in my pocket
- Based on the food available in my cupboards, I should start losing weight immediately. There's nothing in my house that's as unhealthy as the pre made stuff u can buy.

$149.75/week or 599/month.


Breakfast: oatmeal, almond milk & frozen berries
Whole wheat toast (out of the freezer) and peanut butter

Lunch: spinach salad with cucumbers and tomatoes
Penne pasta with chicken (fresh made meal that I froze last week)

Snacks: hershey's kisses (free @ work!) Crackers & cream cheese

Dinner: My patented (patent pending) chicken caesar salad
1/2 cup Chick pea salad
Snacks: Almonds, peanut butter, 1oz cheese, granola bar, etc....

Happy spending!

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