Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The countdown to Vegas begins...

Another weekend down and two weekends to go until Viva Las Vegas! 

I swear, these mini vacations (this one's going to be 4 days only) help me stay on track and VERY motivated. Even my skinny friend is watching what she eats and is having carb free evenings till Vegas.

Of course she also plans to pig out on Mickey Dees when we get there but at least she's eating well right now....I'll work on her in Vegas. ;)

Still working the budget and sticking to it. It's hard to cut your variable spending in half but it forces you to prioritize what you really want to spend your hard earned money on. Turns out, I like to spend it on entertainment and booze which is 2 of the same thing I guess ( heh heh heh).

Re: Budget
Well Vegas counts as the 'entertainment' and if I stick to the budget this month then Vegas is a go! Technically I bought the trip already so now I really, REALLY have to stick to it.  Nothing worse than letting yourself down. the $500 I don't spend in April will pay for the trip and the $500 I won't spend in May will be my spending money (which is WAY more than I need but just an example)

So far so good. Today is the start of week #4 and its a little routine. Week 4 has 10 days though (21st to the 30th) so I have to be EXTRA careful with how I spend the $149.75. 


Re: hot yoga

After another 3 days straight of it, the scale this morning read 179.5! Woo! Thank goodness too cuz today was the charity bake sale at work.  'charity' being the operative word here meaning that I HAD to support the cause.  3 brownies, 2 cupcakes and one slice of banana bread later, my stomach mysteriously hurt. No touching the scale until Friday morning now.  I must be strong and at least maintain this new low!

Multi-day ROLL CALL - memorable healthy meals since the last post:

Dinner Monday night -Chicken Scallopini
Grilled a bunch of mushrooms in Pam oil spray. Flattened a chicken, tossed a lil flour on it and grilled it in a little (2 tsp) olive oil and Pam oil spray.
Created a little sauce with chicken broth, lite cream cheese, green onions and mustard seed. Tossed em all together and voila:
Lunch - Veggie Fried Rice with garlic baked sole and steamed carrots (Tuesday and Thursday)
Lightly fried up some brown rice with soy sauce, hoisin sauce and a ton of veggies. Served with baked sole and more veggies in the form of steamed carrots.

Dinner - Bunless Cheeseburger (Wednesday night)
Romaine lettuce in place of the bun. I'm LOVING this! I put a dollop of jalapeno dip on the cheese and it melted right off the hot cheese. Whoops! Served it with a handful of baked fries and some edamame salad. Filling and delicious. I will definitely have this one again.

Today's my rest day as 3 days of hot yoga in a row gets VERY tiring. Had a 45 minute walk after work just to do something though.  Tomorrow I will try the 6am hot yoga class and see how I do.

Wish me luck! ;)


Blonde Bookworm! said...

mmmm the bunless burger looks delish!!! Oh and Vegas?! Seriously jealous :)

T. Michelle said...

just found your blog....I LOVE IT! I love the receipes too! I just wish i wasnt so lazy and would cook for myself! I'm gonna work on that because my happiness is a size 10 and dammit I'm gonna get there! :-)

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