Thursday, April 15, 2010

Personal Empowerment and Control

Well that wasn't easy.

I wish Staples had a NOT EASY button. I'd press that. A million times I wouldda pressed it last night.

Having dinner and then NOT eating after 6pm and going to bed @ 11:30pm.
I had to leave the house and go over to my friend's place. However, on the way there all I could think about was food:
  • I smelled delicious curry from the Indian place (spianch curry on special)
  • I noticed all the pizza pies at the nearby pizza place (7 large pies on display)
  • The mexican restaurant (taco's are now 3 for $5!)
  • The hot dog vendor by the train
  • McDonalds' billboard advertising the new mcminis
  • and I think you get the hint
Luckily my friend's a skinny minny so there's never food @ her pad (thank goodness...for once!)

EVENING ROLL CALL: 3 pieces of gum and 10 glasses of water and crystal light had to satisfy my need to put something in my mouth (I'm single right now as you know, lol)

Results:  Well besides being down 1/2 lb, I'm also way up in self confidence.  It was like a one day test to prove that I COULD DO IT!
I didn't starve myself
I didn't eat too little
and I didn't die from not eating last night.

Now I feel empowered. Like I can do anything. I feel as though food doesn't control my life - I can control it! Woo hoo!

But!!! Tonight I'm hitting up a soiree hosted by Motorola (yes THAT Motorola).  They typically serve tons of finger foods, give out free booze and offer many giveaways.  I typically gorge myself on all of the above when I go so this time I have to try and gorge on only the giveaways. Eeep!

Last night there was no food at my friend's place to even munch on ('cept for gum and water). Tonight there'll be more food than I'll know what to do with.
I guess the real test begins.

Free food AND free drink. yikes!
What strategies can I use to NOT eat?? Help! :o


Blonde Bookworm! said...

You go girl!!! haha I love it when I have a day that makes me feel as though I can totally take on the world, and then some! You seem like an awesome just remember that everytime you wake up in the morning and you should be good to go (easier said than done right? haha). I am right there with ya though, one day at a time - somedays will always be better than others :) P.S Greatest thing ever...Bolocco has "mini" sized burritos and milkshakes now! Not sure if you have those around you but when you are in need for a quick fix you should def go check it out - perfecto!

'Nelley said...

Bolocco eh? I'm gonna write this down and take a look. I'm always travelling around North America and now I have a mission to get myself to a state that has this restaurant. thanks for the tip, I am sooo writing this down! :)

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