Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to fake beauty from within (Part 1)

Ya, ya beauty comes from within. blah, blah, blah. We all know that, but I definitely feel better on the inside when I physically look pretty good on the outside too.

With that in mind I’m setting off to find some beauty tips and secrets from friends, family members and most importantly (and sometimes most reliably) the internet.

Day 2 of countdown to Vegas (8 days to go!)
Last night I slept lots (7.75 hours, woo!) and feel pumped, alive and full of life today. I really gotta keep that up. Let's see what a whole week of proper sleeping does for me, woo!

The problem: I’ve always had under eye circles/bags so today my goal is to find a way to get rid of them… for free!

Potential Solution: Surprisingly, here’s what I found from my dear friend, the internet:

Raw potato slices will help tighten baggy, puffy eyes. All you need is a potato and a knife or slicer!

To Make:
  1. Slice 1/4 potato to fit over your eyes.
  2. Cut 2 slices or, if you prefer, 5 to 10 very thin slices, several for each eye. Either method works.
To Use:

  1. Spritz eye area with water.
  2. Lying down, place the potato slices on your eyelids and leave in place for at least 10 minutes for best results.
@ less than $1 for potatoes, I’m definitely going to try this one this week and let you know if it worked. I’ll have to do some before and after shots too I think.

Woo hoo! Bye bye bags!.... (hopefully)

Also, I’ve found a new love -his name is kale and he's delicious! ;)

I bought a bunch and have been using it in everything. Last night’s dinner was a pounded 3 oz chicken breast which I covered in shake and bake and grilled lightly in a non stick frying pan with 2 tsps of coconut oil and served over sautéed kale (sauteed in Pam spray and 1 tsp olive oil), cabbage and some leftover leek I had in the fridge. Who needs starchy carbs when you have tasty kale??  Mmmmm.

Happy Eating!

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