Saturday, January 30, 2010

To party or not to party...I think that's the real question

Especially when it comes to tonight.

Last night's recap: Drinks, drinks, and more drinks. 
Went to the club with my girls and drank and danced and drank some more. My girl picked up the cute bartender (yay), and I met a cute boy myself (double yay). 2 actually cuz I always like to have a backup whenever possible. tee hee. Numbers exchanged and then we went home to bed -just the girls went home to bed!

Confession: We did hit the McDonald's drive thru on the way home (2:30am+) and munched on unmentionable foodstuffs (I will mention however, how delicious it was. Guilt always taste good @ first). 

Back to today....

Current Time check -11:30pm.  I've eaten a whole lotta healthy food today and should either join my friends downtown (several at a Spanish club, some at a top 40 club for a birthday party and a few are in transit between 2 different clubs)or spend the rest of this evening at home (I need to catch up PVR'd episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice after all)

Options: club with some girls (choice of 2), chill @ a new boy's house or downtown to another club with a new boy or waaaaay across town (30 minutes via public transit) to visit a third fellow at a club in the 'burbs (he has also generously offered me his bed to stay in overnight, aw shucks)

Current state of mind: Bored, restless and tired. Tomorrow's gonna be a long day and I'd rather hit the gym @ 1030am than go out drinking tonight.
Plus I blew most of the wad (the money wad) of going out money on last night and can't really do much with $15. 

Final Decision: ????? My thoughts are always "life is short" so you have to live it up today and going to bed/chillaxing at home when there are parties to attend to is NOT living it up.

Argh.... lemme take a shower and see how I feel after.

Saturdays need to be made of MORE than 24hrs dammit!

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