Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday weigh-in. Drum roll please....

184.5!!!??(ie up 1 lb)
I demand a recount. Damn those added extras (m&m chocolates and mickey dees muffins) and large portions. New location, new people and new lbs too?? Argh!! Won't this last 30 EVER come off?? Do I have to work even harder for this 30 than I did for the first 30? Sheesh! I thought by now I'd be swimming in melted cheese and other full fat dairy products without gaining a pound. I'd be like of those slender/skinny people (that I hate), who seem to eat whatever they want and not gain a pound.


Anywho, @ least tonight's activities should put me in a good mood.

The equation for tonight is simple:

FUN= We start off with copious amount of alcohol
+We add a couple of fun loving girls (yay!)
X Multiplied by the trashy level of our outfits (the higher the trash, the higher the fun!)

+ We add a bunch of cute boys
+++ Which of course adds to the copious alcohol equation
/ Divided by the number of hours we'll spend out @ the bar
- Minus cover(boo! Always a negative!)
= one heck of a good time

Roll Call: who cares today, its Friday! Cuz that's MY funday. :) I'll report to u tomorrow mister roll call with fruits and veggies and multi grains.

Promise ;)

Happy eating!


JewliaGoulia said...

Sorry about the gain, don't worry though. . . you'll find your balance!

Well, it sounds like you had a blast! ;)

Have a great weekend!


Paula Rodriguez said...

Don't let the gain get to you. Just move on. Hope you had a blast... life is sweet...

'Nelley said...

You gals are right. Still though, at this point (Feb 22nd) I should be at my ideal weight and simply working on the maintenance portion by now, wah!!
But chin up I say! Life is sweet like Paula says and yes, I did have a blast. In fact, I need a whole other blog just to get into some of those details (hint: adult oriented, tee hee)
thanks ladies! :)

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