Friday, January 8, 2010

Heading back to Vegas....

3rd trip in 4 months, lol! One might say I'm a little obsessed. However what people don't realize is that I use my Vegas weekends as motivation to eat healthy and keep waking my arse up to go to the gym 5+ times a week! These mini motivations which do not involve food (we barely eat when we're there anyway) are a great way to keep me on track.
I recommend a Vegas for everyone! A rewarding getaway that encourages you to reach your weight loss goals.

4 nights and 3 days and this time I plan to do it better. This means I will get my makeup done and indulge in the spa @ least once. I will also pack runners and a workout outfit cuz I love how I feel after a workout and especially how I look - skin glowing, eyes shining, sigh. I love post workout me. ;)
This also means that I'll have to cut back on any other spending that I was planning on doing this month....and the next. Possibly March too.

Luckily I have Olympic tickets that I scored in the VANOC ticket lottery (Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics) and I'm trying to sell those on craigslist & kijiji so once I sell a few of those, it'll pay for 2 or 3 Vegas getaways, woo!
Yay to being a single princess!(Hopefully I'll meet my prince in Vegas.....but probably not, lol! )


Breakfast (9am):

Yogurt, 1/4 cup granola (Ezekiel grains) and 1 cup honeydew melon

Mid morning Snack (11:30am):
1 cup of baby  carrots
2tbs red pepper hummus

Oooo! I found these cute little ceramic cups that I use to measure out 1 to 2tbs of dip. No need to second guess or eat too much dip. Dollar Stores rock!

Lunch (1:15pm):

-Homemade casserole (makes 3 servings): 1/3 lb extra lean ground beef, 1 green pepper, 1 med zucchini, 1/2 large Spanish onion and 1 cup of Catelli smart rotini pasta, a large handful of brown mushrooms, 1 portabella mushroom. Everything is stir fried quickly and then mixed together with 1 cup of my fave pasta sauce and 1/2 can of tomato paste. I then toss it into a regular bread pan, cover it with grated cheese from 2 qty babybel cheese portions (so convenient!) and bake in oven uncovered @ 375F until cheese is golden brown. If it takes too long and I'm super hungry I simply put the oven on broil and watch it closely till my casserole is golden brown. Martha Stewart never taught you that!
- Large garden salad with oil/vinegar dressing

Afternoon snack(2pm to 5:30pm cuz I was peckish all afternoon)
 3 dark chocolate truffles
1 babybel cheese
2 clementines
3 cups microwave popcorn

Post workout protein shake  (1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 scoop protein)

Sushi: Tuna sashimi and a rainbow roll(only half)

5 cups of green tea and lemon tea (2 green tea bags, 1 lemon tea bag, mug refilled several times)
9 glasses of water (I need to better than that!)

Back @ crossfit and today we did a whole lotta squats and lifting heavy weights with our upper bodies. My arms and shoulders hurt already and my thighs and butt are gonna hurt in the morning. I'm also heading back for more tomorrow @ 530pm for the Friday night class. I can't wait though, after all, I need to get in better shape for Vegas, woo!

Happy eating!

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