Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sick days rock!

Except when you're actually sick though.  I rarely get colds or flus so this one really took me by surprise.  3 days it's knocked me out for. Boo to illnesses! I take it as a personal affront cuz I wash my hands frequently, exercise regularly and eat healthfully so I never know where the invading germs came in.

I still tried to go to the gym but gave up on day 3 when I tried to go for a jog and couldn't breathe after 2 minutes. My lungs felt so strained and I actually felt a little light headed too. I can never remember if you're supposed to work out when you're sick or rest when you're sick but based on how I felt last night, I'm thinking that resting was the right choice.

Thank goodness I get paid for sick days so I used today to sleep in, drink plenty of fluids, do my laundry (after all, the stress from piles of dirty clothes only makes you sicker!) and get plenty of rest. Now I'm kinda pumped and sorta ready to go back to work tomorrow. Sort of. 


Breakfast (12:30pm)
Half a multigrain bagel
1.5 tbsp light peanut butter (the only product I purposely buy in the light version because I find it tastes sweeter, mmmmm)
2 clementines

Snack (1:45pm):
1 cup of baby carrots

Lunch (3:30pm)
mccain super spiral fries (2 handfuls)
1 lean beef burger on a thin, multi-grain bun
1 slice of kraft singles cheese
Toppings: hot peppers, stone ground mustard , 1 tsp mayonaise, tomatoes, lettuce

Afternoon snack:
Ketchup flavoured crispers (4 chips)

Dinner (7:45pm):
Chicken noodle soup

My roommate brought it home for me from the grocery store cuz I was really craving some soup and I was stuck at home sick. Cough cough. Poor me!
However I was also craving bok choy (one of my fave veggies after broccoli and mushrooms) so I chopped some up, then seared it quickly in the frying pan with a little sesame oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I then added it to the chicken soup simmering away on the stove and voila!

mmmmmmm. I am soooo gonna do that again!

6 glasses of green tea (1 tea bag)
6 glasses of water

I slept over 11 hours today. As I normally only get 6 to 7, this was huge and amazing and definitely WORK for me to stay in bed for so long. yay me! ;)

Happy eating!

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