Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A technical error in my favour - when scales break down

One of the only good things to come out of my 2+ year relationship with my ex is a recipe for leftovers that he called 'Breakfast Hash'
The ingredients were simple - eggs, cheese, leftover steak & vegetables from the overpriced dinner we had the night before. I happily (read: bitterly) share the detailed recipe with you all below...

Recipe: Leftover Scramble (formerly titled - 'One of the few things he could get right')

Step 1: Chop everything up and add it to the fry pan. In my dish: onions, turnips, beets, garlic, shitake mushrooms (all that I could find in the fridge), and asparagus

Step 2: add your steak right before the eggs and grated cheese. In this case I had half a prime rid steak from a family dinner the night before.

Step 3: And finally add the egg, grate some cheese on top and scramble to taste.

Sometimes it doesn't look too pretty (It was a 2pm breakfast and I was too hungry to garnish it up) but man is it delicious. As for healthy- that really depends on your mood and how much cheese you need to use in order to get over last night's hangover. ;)

 Also, I'm in a great mood cuz I just weighed myself on my little bro's VERY inaccurate scale and it said I weighed only 172! woo! 10lbs less than when I first flew out to Toronto 5 days ago. I know it's wrong but magically my pants and clothes are looser thanks to this magical (and VERY inaccurate) scale. But I don't care - skinny me, woo!
I plan to pack it and take it home with me. I will let my friends pay me if they want to step on it themselves.

Instant mood booster for only $5 a pop. I will also happily ship this magical scale across continents if its services are needed elsewhere. Wanna lose 10lbs in 10 days?? Fiddle with your scale! After all, weight loss is mostly mental anyway, right?? I believe I've lost 10bs therefore I AM 10lbs lighter. ;)

EXERCISE: 1.5 hours at the local gym
45 minutes - cardio (sprints on treadmill, stepper)
45 minutes - weight training (triceps, biceps, back, chest and shoulders)


WATER: 10 glasses
ALCOHOL: 2 glasses: 1 pina colada and 1 seagrams sea breeze cooler

Happy eating!

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Oooo, I like that thought...I think I am lighter so I AM lighter...nice!


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