Thursday, December 24, 2009

Candy/Treat Holiday Bonanza!

Thank goodness the weigh-in was December 13th! Ever since I have been bombarded with chocolates, candies, tarts, various sweets,cookies, etc. Oh man!! I was up 8lbs last week (I assume it was water retention, hormones and the scale exacting its revenge on me) and I'm back to normal now after 5 days of trying to avoid the truckload of sweets and goodies that have been thrown my way at the day job since then.

Forget the food. It was full of veggies and fruits and protein bars.  honestly, it would be easier to keep track of the sweets and treats.
And more fun!

Holiday ROLL CALL:

Thursday, December 17th:
- Organic dark chocolate bars  - a thank you from a coworker
- A bag of truffle chocolates (mmmmm)
- a box of Pot of Gold chocolates as another thank you

Friday December 18th:
- a box of chocolate covered cherries (ewwwww! who eats those things?
- Purdy's Chocolates. The big box as thanks. yah, thanks for the calories!

Monday December 21st:

- 3 boxes of various chocolates from Charlie's Chocolate Factory
- Homemade shortbread cookies (a treat and thank you gift from the caterers)
- various homemade cookies (coworker was making em and decided to share) which consisted of:

*Nanaimo bars
*Chocolate chip Smarties cookies
*Dark chocolate brownies
*Chocolate Macaroons

Tuesday, December 22nd
- A big box of various Lindor chocolates (wowza!)

Wednesday, December 23rd

- A non food gift - yay! Little bottles of scented sanitizer.
- And the best gift ever - LIQUOR! a mickey of my fave booze - GIN! MWAH! I love you too kind stranger. :)

Happy Eating!


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