Monday, December 28, 2009

How do you go up a pants size in only 4 days!

The holiday season, that's how. 
Usually they advertise how to LOSE a dress size in that tme frame, not GAIN one. argh!
I'm still a size 10 for now, but its a tight fit.
Thank goodness my sexy New Year's dress is actually a size too big because now I will easily fit into it.
Tomorrow I go back to the gym and I will also make sure that its the first day that my water comsumption exceeds my alcohol consumption....hopefully. Drinks are flowing here in Toronto and I don't know how to say no. Nor do I want to. heh heh heh
Tomorrow is also my last day in Toronto & I fly back to Vancouver on the 30th to get prepared for the huge party on the 31st . Also, it's my last day to hang with that cool new guy I met the other night. He's so gorgeous and fit....and lives in Toronto.
Hmmmm. I never really did figure out how all that;s gonna work but carpe deim -seize the day! I can't spend my time thinking about the "How's that gonna work" for everything! It just will. You'll see. :)

Breakfast (2pm)

- Fresh baked whole wheat bread (thanks momma!)
- 2 oz soft andre cheese (like full fat cream cheese)
- 3/4 cup soy milk
- 1 cup honey roasted shreddies

Lunch (8pm)
Sirloin beef burger (took off half the bun)
1/2 fries, 1/2 salad

Dinner (1:30am)
2 mini veggie samosas
1 large slice of carrot cake (mmmmmm) with cream cheese frosting

Yes please! Gin & Tonic -More than 3 for sure....
Water: Not enough. Maybe 2 glasses - wow, that's pretty low. I'll chug a couple more now and double it to 4

Rest day. I wish I could have done some hot yoga but the class times just didn't work for my schedule. Boo!

Happy Eating!


theschmuck said...

Ha wow!You go Girl!Look HAWT in your new dress!And get pics!Have a great time partying and preparing for it.Keep the drinks coming!

Working Mommy said...

The burger looks delish! I'm so jealous...I don't think I ate lunch yesterday :(


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