Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And the winner is…

1000’s of workout hours, 100’s of healthy meals carefully planned out, dozens of supportive friends and family members, 9 health-minded gals, 6 month timeline, goal setting of 1-2lbs per week, 1 cash prize, 0 excuses.

The Final STATS (June 13th, 2009 to Dec 13th, 2009)
Height: 5’7” (no change, heh heh)
% weight loss: 17.8%
In lbs: 39lbs

Inches lost
Bust: 3.5″
Waist/abdomen: 5″
Hips: 4″ (still got that booty, woo!)

So the final weigh in was this past Sunday and yay, I WON!!

$900 was the pot and less the $100 I spent on drinks and appies that evening, that leaves me with $800 to buy some new, much needed, duds.

My shopping list:
New runners, workout tops, jogging pants, jeans that fit, work pants that fit (yee gads this is 9-1-1!),  a winter jacket, a workout hoodie (preferably an Olympic one), a leather weekend bag, a few winter sweaters from Old Navy, winter boots, rain boots,  a new belt, a blazer from Banana Republic (on sale of course), a couple new shirts, a few blouses and anything else I held off buying for the last 6 months. To put it in perspective, for the past 3 weeks I’ve been using safety pins, a $9 belt on its tightest rung, a dash of hope and a heap-load of prayers to keep my work pants up.

I think it’s finally time to go shopping.

So I weighed myself this morning and I'm already up 4lbs, lol! Tomorrow we have a catered brunch @ work followed by a potluck on the Thursday, Chinese food dinner Thursday night, Christmas party the Friday night, a bday party the Saturday night and then a farewell dinner at East Side Mario's on the Sunday.

Eating black holes. Thank goodness I won already. :)


Breakfast (8:45am):
The old breakfast smoothie

1/2 a tea biscuit (scone)

Lunch (1:30pm): 
Smoked salmon salad with green tea salad dressing 
1/2 cup chopped red and yellow peppers


Afternoon snack (3:30pm)
1/2 protein bar - elev8 me

1/2 tea biscuit

Dinner (8:30pm):
6in ham and cheese sub on whole wheat from subway

with tons of veggie and a splash of marinara sauce

Dessert (yay! Its been so long -9pm):
1 slice of apple pie - i had this slice of heaven in the freezer since thanksgiving (Canadian thanksgiving was oct 9th this year) with plans to inhale it once I won. Totally worth it and it tasted soooo dang good!
1/2 cup of Nestle vanilla ice cream  with white chocolate pieces

DRINKS: 10 glasses of water

EXERCISE: 20 minute jog, 20 minute walk

Now I'm baking cupcakes for the potluck on Thursday and will have to frost and decorate them tomorrow night. I just have to hold off on the taste testing till then. 

I have a crazy week followed by a temptation filled weekend ahead of me.
Yee gads people. Wish me luck. I know I'm gonna need it.....

Happy Eating!


Miss_Nobody said...

WOW you won!You have been trying really hard,so that paid!lovely!Have fun shopping!

Miss_Nobody said...

hi,I have an award for you on my blog!Pick up when you can:)

'Nelley said...

yay! I love awards. thanks so much. I'm coming to claim it now. :) Also, thanks for the congrats. 6 long months and in the past few days I've gained weight already. I need to buy some size 10 things before I get too big for them again. hee hee. ttyl sweetie!

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