Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winning again!

Yay! My first award, woo!
First the weight loss award and now this. Thank goodness I bought a lotto ticket yesterday. My luck needs to keep going till at least midway through the new year.  In that time I need to improve my blog (there's so much I still wanna do!), move cities (Montreal's been catching my eye lately), increase readership on my OTHER blog (, become a published writer (I'm looking at articles first), become a highly qualified social media marketer and of course, find my true love. Easy peasy.

I have searched the local Vancouver bars high and low for this elusive individual and have yet to make contact with him.  I even secured what I like to call a 'security bf' while I continued the hunt.  However, being with someone you're not in love with becomes tiring and boring after awhile so that little fling of convenience had to end....2 years later, lol!

But enough about my failed work-in-progress love life. Let's get to the good stuff: things that honour me! As this category is brand new, it's a very special moment for me.
Miss Nobody (who is anything but!) over @ Miss Nobody's Scribble is honouring me?? (Really? Me? Aw shucks!) I love awards! Even when they aren't of the cash variety. Check it out and take a read of her always intriguing blog. A definite must read on my bloggers list. :)


I organized a catered brunch today at work and the food was plentiful and delicious.  Everyone ate, we sang Christmas carols and then we ate some more.
It was a catered brunch and the menu was:
Scrambled eggs
Vegetarian quiches
Cheese and veggie turnovers
Hash browns
Fresh fruit
A selection of juices

Then in the afternoon we had what I called Afternoon Delight (snicker, snicker) which consisted of:
Cinnamon buns
A cheese plate
A selection of crackers
Sliced asian pears
Seedless grapes
Seedless mandarin oranges
Dessert tarts
Mini cupcakes
Egg nog!

ooooo that reminds me. I think there's egg nog left in the fridge at work.  I am sooooo going back to get me some of that. Well tomorrow morning at work of course.  i hope there's some left... mmmmmm I love egg nog and it only comes round once per year so you gotta get it while the getting is good!

So needless to say I ate all of the above and then some sashimi and a negitoro roll for dinner (sushi).

DRINKS: I need to drink more water but once I do that I'll be at 10 glasses today, woo!

EXERCISE: 15 minute walk, 60 minute crossfit class where we did more sprints (400m) and then we learned the power snatch which is a super fun weightlifting move.

So I guess that's all - burp- for now. hee hee

Happy Eating!

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Miss_Nobody said...

I totally love your blog!Hence the award.don't be surprised,you deserve it!

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