Saturday, December 12, 2009

Girls weekend in Whistler!

Weigh in this sunday morning and I'm not doing as well as I should be. I haven't been to the gym since a week ago Tuesday but still losing weight, woo! Of course that's mainly cuz I've been carefully watching  what I eat so that helps. :)
80% eating, 20% exercise is what they say and unfortunately they're damn right. Humph. But I love exercise! I miss going to the gym this week and my bootcamp classes and my spin classes and my hot yoga but this week I just didn't have the time. Working 12 hour days will do that to you. But OT around this time of year @ time and a half kicks ass!

And I end of this week in beautiful Whistler, BC! Home of the 2010 winter Olympics. My bff got free room and board here so we decided to jet up here (via car) and spend the weekend in the lap of luxury. Whistler is an expensive town to be in so if you can get a deal - take the deal and run! Plus this is going to be the craziest place to be come 2010 so we wanted to see it one last time before the world comes to visit. They have an indoor theater here and provide food and snacks for the movie or you can rent free movies if you'd rather chillax in your room.  We just left the outdoor hot tub and pool (it was snowing outside as we steamed away in hot, bubbly water) and even now I'm writing in the room via the free wireless internet.

Sigh. Why can't all weekends be like this??

On the agenda for tomorrow - well after 8 full hours of sleep tonight, I'm going to hit the gym in the morning for a couple hours (my own LAST CHANCE WORKOUT), followed by fresh fruit and a protein bar for breakfast. Then maybe the pool and the hot tub once more and a walk around whistler village. The plan -NO PLANS! Woo!
After Vegas last weekend and a few parties coming up this weekend, this R&R is much needed. ooooo! I wonder how much to get a massage here. hmmmmm.


Breakfast (9am):
Shrimp and goat cheese frittata
One bite of boston cream donut
2 homemade chocolate chip cookies

Lunch (2pm):
Pho -Rare Beef noodle  soup with broccoli and carrots

Dinner (7:30pm)
Taco Bell! (my fave cheat. Never any regrets when I'm @ the 'Bell!)
1 soft taco supreme
1 hard taco supreme
1 black taco (black bag, black taco. Black box, black taco, lol!)
Fries supreme

16 oz Mocha cafe
1 chocolate cookie

Late night snack (11:30pm)
1 packet of  pizza flavoured combos
1/2 bottle of tropicana orange juice

DRINKS: 8 glasses of water

EXERCISE: none. eeep.

I know, I know. If I lose the weigh in on Sunday, it's totally my fault. But my bff told me she saw my competition and at 17% weight loss so far, I'm ahead of the game... But in any case, tomorrow's the last day to do it all so it will be clean eating, I promise
It would suck to lose by a percentage point of something but it was taco bell for goodness's sake. You don't say no to THAT!

oh man, 1 day to go till the showdown/weigh-in, yikes.....

Happy eating for the rest of you!

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