Monday, January 11, 2010

What's the fat content in prime rib?

Although I'm sure I don't wanna know!
This is the kind of dish I only order when someone else is paying. This time it was my work. All day Saturday till 1030pm. Then snowboarding on Sunday.
Where does the time go??

But you can read all about my fun weekend of salsa dancing right here: other blog) it's a weekly one and usually occupies my entire Sunday. I don't mind though cuz it's great fun.

My company is a sponsor of the 2010 Olympics so we had dinner @ a steakhouse as they've rented out for the entire Olympic games for special guests, etc.
So us lucky volunteers got a taste of what those lucky bastards will be eating over the entire course of the games.
It was a plated dinner and although I could have picked the healthier options (shrimp cocktail followed by salmon entree followed by NO dessert and NO alcohol) that's unfortunately not the way I roll. ;)

Steakhouse dinner ROLL CALL:


Roasted tomato and goat cheese tartlet: slow roasted Roma tomatoes & Salt Spring Island goat cheese on a puff pastry tartlet with a pesto finish. (Honestly, I could have stopped eating right here. This is the size of my typical dinners! I must remember this for next time.)

Prime rib (medium rare but I should have gone medium well) with all the fixins!
"Slow roasted all day in our sea salt rub, served with pomme puree, seasonal vegetables & Classic Yorkshire Pudding"

Vanilla creme brulee - my absolute favourite all time dessert EVER! Luckily, I am only treated to this deliciousness once a season. My thighs thank me!

DRINKS (Today)
Water - 13 glasses
Green tea - 4 cups (1 tea bag, mug refilled 3 times)

My gym has challenges every few months and this month (finals are in March) the challenge was this:
Deadlifts  (picking up weight off the floor and then putting it back down again) @ 110lbs and a new form of torture called handstand push ups. They are exactly as they sound.
So you lift the bar with 110lbs of weight (deadlifts) on it 21 times then you do handstand push ups 21 times then you go back to the bar and do 15 deadlifts and then the handstand push up 15 times, etc.

I was allowed to do modified push up as I'm not yet able to do a handstand against a wall and push off from the ground even once, let alone 45 times!!
My time: 14:01. In March we will all do the exact same workout again and will compare our times and we'll get to see how much we've improved.

I can't fricking wait, she said sarcastically. Must rest now as my arms, they are a hurtin'.

Happy eating!


Working Mommy said...

I love creme brulee!!! YUMMY!! The entire meal looks so good!


jujulime said...

hey! i randomly came to your blog through blog black hole of procrastination!! I saw in an early post you have 2010 tickets - i'm in vancouver and looking for some what do you have and how much! leave me a comment!

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