Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I can't fight the hunger.... I also think I'm still hungry now

Soooo hungry today.
Went to the gym this morning (first time in over a week) and I forgot how much hungrier I get on those days.
I'm out of protein and should have seen it coming. Plus I'm still in training mode at work so my days are open which means my mind wanders to food. Yummy, delicious food. I daydream about recipes.  I forgot how much I DON'T eat when I'm too busy to think about food. Or when I'm without a man. At least with a man I can keep my mind busy with thoughts of 'him' and what I want to do with 'him' or what I want 'him' to do with me (or to me, hee hee) or if anything, what he should make me for dinner or where he could take me. See! I told you I think men are good for something.

So what did I actually eat today?? The list of things I didn't eat would likely be less. Eek!

RUN DOWN (from the most recent snack to the first meal of the day)

-1 bag of smart pop popcorn (to which I added 2tsp melted ghee butter)
- 2 oz havarti cheese & 6 crackers
- 1 oz lite cheddar cheese & 4 crackers
- IKEA stuffed Salmon filet dinner with a small white roll with butter with steamed carrots and chive sauce and something they call vegetable medallions. It cost only $7.67 too! What a great deal. It was surprisingly good and fresh tasting too)

- 1 oz goat cheese and 4 crackers
- 1 babybell cheese & 6 crackers
- A coworker's birthday today and her husband sent her this basket which she shared with everyone:

Delicious and nutritious (that's DARK chocolate on those strawberries btw)

- a couple of small smoked turkey wraps

- 3 mini oranges
- yogurt, all bran and blueberries

and I began it all with some water and exercise at the gym

4 mugs green tea
1 coffee with sugar and 2% milk
10 glasses of water (that's more like it)

45 minutes @ the gym:
sit ups
sprints on the treadmill

Okay, tomorrow is another day and I expect to see 183 or LESS on the scale this Friday - ARGH!! (that was my attempt at an amazonian war cry btw)

Happy Eating!

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