Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time for a revamp!

Spring Cleaning will come earlier this year.
I can't wait for March to arrive before I sweep these cobwebs out of this closet.
I've always wanted to dress better, to look better and to feel better and I want to start now!
The best way to go about doing this...make a plan!
I love making plans.  I also love breaking the plan but I'm always happy that I at least made a plan to break.
It's a sick and vicious cycle that I definitely plan to break. heh heh .

So here's the plan:
1. Dress Better
Options - get a stylist, start reading People and In Style magazine and buy new clothes...
I think I can do that!

2. Look Better
Options - buy clothes that fit, update wardrobe, add to the exercise program (salsa classes anyone?), eat better, hire a chef (oh I can dream can't I?), hire a meal delivery service, laser skin therapy (I have adult acne -ick!), crest white strips, etc

3. Feel Better
This is all self improvement,
Options: Business classes (any subject), massage therapy, volunteer, donate my time and $$$ to social change, go to yoga ( I love it but can't seem to make myself go to the 90minute hot yoga classes anymore), get myself out there (socially and career wise), etc

I also need to do all of the above on a budget. Hmmmm. I might have to add a 4th category : Make Better Money.


Breakfast (9:15am)

Oatmeal again but this time I added 1/2 cup of All Bran. crunchy and filling.

Mid morning snack
1 cup of baby carrots

Lunch (1:45pm)
Turkey Sandwich
2 oz smoked maple turkey
1 oz havarti cheese
1/4 cup avocado
Horseradish mustard

mmmmmmmmm! My coworker and I have competitions sometimes to see who can make the better looking sandwich, lol! We typically end in a tie.  Here's one of her recent lunches:

Mid afternoon snack (3:30pm)
1 cup vegetable soup

Dinner (8:30pm)
3 cups chopped Romaine lettuce
1.5 tablespoons of zesty Italian dressing
2 small whole wheat cheese, veggie and chicken quesadillas
with plain yogurt (instead of sour cream)
& tostitos medium salsa which is to me the BEST salsa ever made!

10 glasses of Water
4 mugs of green tea (1 tea bag, mug refilled 3 times)

Back @ Crossfit. Workout of the day (this is done after the 30minute warm-up):
-3 laps (1 lap is 400m)
21 OverHead squats (doing squats while holding a 20KG bar over your head)
15 pullups (chin-ups but assisted)
-2 laps
18 OH Squats
12 pullups
-1 lap
15 OH Squats
 9 pullups
Then faint dead on the mats and stretch/catch your breath.
What a workout!! :)

Happy Eating!


~*mb*~ said...

i was just having a mental debate over working out today. after reading this im hitting the treadmill. thanks :)

Tiffany said...

Food looks yummy.

I'm also trying to get myself into a size 6. Look forward to seeing you reach your goals.

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