Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pre vacation fasting: So THATs how that 'post blog' button works. Ohhhhh

Before I left for Vegas, I meant to post this but completely forget! No way am I gonna delete this, so you simply get it a few days late. :)


Last day till the infamous Vegas vaycay so of course eating healthier is MUCH easier today. Plus I know my partner in crime and I will have snacks galore for the next few days so fasting now is easy! The hard part will be when I get back. After a few days of eating 'fast'ly and conveniently, I'll definitely need to do a cleanse. Maybe several.

brekky (8:30am)
3/4 cup plain organic yogurt
1/2 cup organic grains
1/3 cup blueberries
5 clementines (for throughout the day)

mid morning snack(11:30am)
1 cup baby carrots

lunch (1:30pm)
I've been craving egg salad for awhile now so I thought I'd make some.

the egg salad recipe:
2 medium free range eggs, boiled, cooled and finely chopped
2 tsp miracle whip
1 tbsp horseradish mustard
1/4 cup each green pepper, orange pepper and onion - finely sliced
dash of Worcestershire and tobasco sauces
black pepper and sea salt to taste
* I mix the sauce and veggies together and toss in the chopped eggs in the end

The egg salad sandwich with organic, no flour, sprouted grain bread and lettuce:


mid afternoon snack (3:30pm)
1 cup vegetable soup

din din (7:45pm)
Too lazy to cook and craving a stir fry which, to me, is a meal that takes forever cuz of all the cutting and prep work, I went to a take out stir fry place. For just $8, you can pick from a buffet of veggies and meats and sauces and then they grill it for you on a large grill. yay! I love inexpensive conveniences.
oh and I tossed out the white rice. I just wanted the meat and the veggies.

my veggies
mini corns
bean sprouts
my meats
my sauces
mongo jam (hot sauce)

Water - 12 glasses
Green tea - 4 mugs (1 tea bag)

60 minute Spin class. The purpose of this class was to 'train the mind'.  We were to train our minds to last longer than our bodies. The theory behind it was that your mind tells you to stop long before your body needs to. So the class was a bunch of long sets on the bike where we had to train our minds to ignore distractions and keep going.
One cool tip she passed on to us: Smile when you work out. Your mind won't know why you're smiling but will assume you're happy and you'll be able to work out longer.
It definitely worked so I'll try it for any rough patches during a workout in the future.

Cheers for now and see you on the other side of Vegas where I will happily share the sordid (and potentially NON sordid if any) details. :)

viva las vegas!

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