Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trickin' and Treatin'! The real scare: NOT eating any Halloween candy. Muhahahahaha!

HALLOWEEN SLIMMING TIP: Expecting trick or treaters?? Don't buy your candy till the last minute. Better yet, only buy candy you DON'T like so that you aren't tempted to eat any of it.

My weaknesses don't  include candies or chocolates or desserts so Halloween is not a scary occasion for me in terms of treats. My real weakness is salty and starchy foods so it's around events like Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas where I really have to pay attention to what I eat.
This year at work I have several fun size kit kats and coffee crisps that are sitting at my desk and I can't be bothered to eat them.

MILESTONE MOMENT: Another weakness of mine used to be seeing food. Meaning that if I see it in front of me, no matter how full I am, I would have to eat it or at least nibble at it. That was me a year ago. Today, I can see food ant


1 slice whole grain sprouted bread
2 free range organic eggs
3 oz rosemary ham

Garden salad (lettuce, tomatoes,
1 grilled chicken breast
1 tbsp Kraft French salad dressing

1/2 cup rice
Curried beef
Side salad

Going to a Halloween party so I will probably have to update this post after the party as I will definitely have some drinks and I'm sure there will be chips and other such noshes there as well.

1 tall long starbucks Americano with honey and nonfat/whole milk (1 tbsp each)

EXERCISE: Rest day. I'll go back to the gym tomorrow to kick off the week

Happy Halloween and we won't let Halloween scare us away from eating healthy today!

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