Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the beginning....there was excess fat

Current Weight:   186.5lbs
Height:                   5’7”
Age Range:          25 to 34

Run Down: I’ve just dropped 30lbs in 6 months (woo hoo!) and now feel bigger than ever (how does THAT happen??). At 186, I’m actually at my lowest adult weight. My clothes are looser, my energy levels are up and the attention I get from the opposite sex is definitely at an all time high but still – where’s that pot of happiness that I always thought would be at the end of the weight loss rainbow? Maybe it's not here because my weight loss journey isn’t over yet!

Background:  over 10 years of dieting, healthy eating and gym and workout experience. I’ve tried almost every type of ‘diet’ under the sun and now understand that dieting is not the way to go.

The Plan: Drop 30 lbs and firm up the muscles

How: Lots of fun exercises and great workouts, plenty of healthy, delicious eating including some of my favourites like chicken wings, pizza and pastas, plus I will happily try some new healthy eating methods along the way 

Your Role:
I value your feedback, comments and any tips and tricks that you may have. We all know someone who’s trying to get to their ideal weight. If we all work together and use our shared experiences we can kick the ‘fat’ illness for good.

Pot of happiness, here we come!

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