Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wanna slim down? Get to bed early

ROLL CALL (ie Daily Food Diary)

Breakfast (930am):

1/2 cup of full fat plain yogurt

3/4 cup of sliced strawberries

1/4 cup of Terra Breads granola mix

(I also had a grapefruit to eat but I didn’t feel like eating much)

Lunch (1230pm):

(Brought a garden salad and a chicken breast to work but didn’t feel like having it so went to cafĂ© @ work instead)

1 Veggie samosa

1 cup - chick pea salad (chick peas, red peppers, vinaigrette dressing, black olives)

Afternoon snack (nibbled between 3pm to 4pm):

1 cup air popped popcorn

4 Ritz type crackers, 1 Tablespoon peanut butter

Dinner (Ate 1/2 @ 530pm & the other 1/2 @ 8pm):

Grilled ham and bocconcini cheese panini on 1/2 whole wheat focaccia

With artichoke hearts, lettuce, tomato and green olives, mustard and 1 tsp of pesto mayo ( I made the sandwich lady take off any extra)


6 cups green tea (2 tea bags over the course of the day and refill the portable mug with hot water)

8 glasses of water (still drinking a few more glasses now)

EXERCISE: None today so extra effort should have been made on the eating – Oops. Better luck tomorrow!

SLIMMING DOWN TIP: Get enough sleep!  I couldn't sleep last night and only had 4 hours of rest. I felt listless and tired all day and drank more coffee and tea than usual to perk myself up.
 Don't believe me?? Read the source article from Glamour mag or better yet - try it yourself!

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