Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Olympics are coming!

And working at Olympic headquarters should make it even MORE exciting but I find myself reminiscing about my old role in the other building. With its strict start/end hours, OT not required and mind numbing daily tasks, it gave me the freedom to hit the gym whenever I wanted and spend more time writing. Now I'm working 6 days a week, @ 10 hours minimum/day and there is no set routine. I miss my spin classes!

Also, the daily lunch menu is set (and included which definitely is a perk) and everyday looks like this:
Menu - Sandwich, soup, granola bar, packaged cookie and fruit. It was fun at first (no cooking, yay!) However, less than a week later I've resorted to eating only the sandwich (except when its soggy) and the soup (unless it tastes like crap) and then stockpiling the rest into my drawers.  As its typically the same meal for lunch and dinner (replace sandwich with overcooked goulash) 
but, But, BUT!!! As I am barely eating anything throughout the day, hitting the gym every morning and have little time in the evening to go out to drink/eat/etc ...... I'm dropping weight! Yes!

So in conclusion, yay to horrible cafeteria style caterers (I think back to high school cafs and realize they had and probably have it better) and to runny, !!!

Weigh in tomorrow (or Saturday morning if I don't like what I see and decide I need one more day, tee hee!)

Happy Eating!


Boomer Pie said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and I like your positive attitude and writing style. Good luck on your weight loss journey. I signed up to follow you. Stop by my place and return the favor if you like what you see.

'Nelley said...

Me likes! I'm following you for sure. Ur clever and lots of fun - a win/win for me. Welcome! :)

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