Friday, February 12, 2010

Apparently candies and chocolates don't help you slim down...hmmm

Same old, same old....and then add a few lbs too. Whoops. 
183.5, up 2lbs
Well I shouldn't be surprised, after all, I did stuff my face with chocolates and chips and other random goodies this week.
mmmmmmm to m&m's.

My task this week was to take a tacky, bare room and turn it into a lounge that screams, belts out and yells our company name. When you walk into this room, there was to be no mistaking who it belongs to and where you were.  Insert posters, banners, helium filled balloons and tons of company swag here. 
In the end, it looked like the room practically threw up our comp's name. In a good way of course. Or at least in the best way that one can throw up.

Opening ceremonies were today (in case you're crazy enough to have missed them!!?) and we wanted to make sure the wireless and telephony technicians working 'round the clock  to bring you uninterrupted internet and satellite service had snacks, drinks and a place to watch the games (during their well deserved breaks) for the next month or so. My second task was to fill this lounge with snacks, foodies and goodies and by golly I had to test out  the merchandise, right?? tee hee

Well I'm happy to report that the chips, chocolates, candies and snacks are all 100% okay! 

And as the scale can attest to - yes you CAN gain 2lbs in 2 days. All the fun stuff was purchased on the 9th, opened on the 10th and stuck to my thighs and belly on the 11th. 

Tomorrow's a rest day but I'll be back at it on Sunday. Love day you say?? No problem. I'll spend the first 2 hours of the day making sweet, sweet love to the elliptical and weight machines. I start isolation exercises that day beginning with the inner and outer thigh areas. Some people say it can't be done, but I say it can!! 

Wish me luck!


Breakfast:  Yogurt, all bran cereal and strawberries
Boxed Lunch: 1/2 egg salad wrap & 1/2 turkey wrap, 1 cup salmon chowder, 1 red delicious apple, granola bar (put aside), oatmeal raisin cookie (ate it right away). OJ to drink (had 1/2 the bottle)

Group Dinner: Swiss Chalet chicken dinner with a fries and a garden salad

Happy Eating!


jonaruna said...

Hey there Nelley!
I've been following your blog for a few months now,and I think it's great! You have a very entertaining style of writing. I love how you manage to keep your spirit and determination up, even when the weight bounces up now and then. That really is the golden key to reaching weight loss goals!
I think you are a great role model for other people in similar situatons. (Like um, I dunno..-me!) It's so cool that you tell your readers about the ups AND the downs, without beating your self up too much about the latter..
(Yeah, I'm pretty fed up with "Iwanttobesuperskinny-blogs" that are filled with self hating comments and other trash.)
The roll call and the pictures are so much fun, and I often find inspiration in your creative meals.
I myself am working on getting back in shape after a pregnancy that left me with about 44lbs of over weight. I have kissed goodbye to about 33 of them by now, (yay me!) and am determied to shed the last 11 by May this year.
I am sort of on the same regime as you when it comes to food, but I must admit I'm not always as good with the exercise...
Anywhoo... Thanks for a faboulus blog, and congrats on the Vancouver-job!

-Jo, Norway

'Nelley said...

Thanks Jo! I really appreciate it. You only have 11lbs to go?? Oh I'm so jealous! lol! I wish I was at that point too.
And you're right - I don't like negative talk cuz it doesn't help me slim down, it only provides a reason to keep the bulk on. Thanks for reading honey. Funny enough, your comment's inspiring me to keep doing this whole blog/weight loss thing too.

Thanks again!

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