Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the beginning…

That's it. I’m starting over. I’m bored with the ‘trying to lose weight’ thingy and the ‘trying to slim down’ mantra.  I wanna take the ‘try ’out of it and lose weight and slim down already, dammit. I’ve been trying for over 14 years now! 

Enough is enough.

I’m ready to MAINTAIN.  What a beautiful word. Maintenance. I proudly maintain my car (maximize its return); I happily maintain my apartment (cleaner than a chef’s kitchen I would dare say); I enthusiastically maintain my hair too (bi weekly trips to the ‘dressers); so this word is well known to me.

To be at a healthy weight and to just have to MAINTAIN that weight within a few lbs would be WONDERFUL.


That’s the dream.

The reality is this: Last 30lbs to go (till re-evaluation). The same dang 30 I’ve been trying to drop since I won the weight loss contest on December 13th, 2009. I don’t count the rest of December though since it was the holiday season and resistance to all the delicious fare available during that season is futile! However, January and now February have come and almost gone so the holiday season excuse is gone. excuses

Negative thought: I should have lost a lot more since December 13th. Boo me and my lack of willpower.

Positive thought: I’ve at least maintained that weight (career low of 180.5) within 4 lbs since then – yay me!

The plan is foolproof and simple: No more excuses
  1. I can get to the gym/exercise 5+ days a week
  2. I can plan healthy meals that I WANT to eat and do so without counting calories or points 
  3. I can drink plenty of water (10+ glasses a day) + have a cup of water before EVERY meal 
  4. I can get to bed early (7.5 hours of sleep minimum per night cuz as you know…) 
  5. I can go out for dinner and order something healthy on the menu 
  6. I can encourage my friends to do more active activities with me 
  7. I can avoid the late-eats-after-a-night-of-drinking urge 
  8. I can find other outlets for release over poutine, cheesecake (mmmmm), chocolate, & fatty cuts of meat 
  9. I can seek assistance, inspiration and advice from my fellow bloggers (thanks guys!)
Anytime I think or I that I can’t do one of the above, its an excuse. There are emergency situations or situations out of my control but 80%+ of the time, I should and WILL achieve the above…..starting tomorrow night on #4 though cuz tonight I’m going out with friends to celebrate the Olympics, woo! I think the Olympics would be considered

Olympic Aside: Honestly, its like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Everywhere is busy, every venue is packed and it is literally like the whole world is here in Vancouver. Pretty cool, pretty sweet and pretty exciting.


FYI - Woke up @ the crack of 11am, lol! (Went out to celebrate the Olympics last night too)

Breakfast (1:45pm): egg white omelet (1 egg yolk + 4 egg whites) with goat cheese, tons of veggies and a pita
¼ cantaloupe, sliced

Afternoon Snack 1 (3:30pm): ½ apple and ½ an orange, sliced

Afternoon Snack 2 (planned for 5:45pm):  
1 oz goat cheese
1 tbs peanut butter                           
2 wasa crackers

Dinner (planned for 7:45/8pm) 7:30PM:

Soup and bread and side salad
Or large dinner salad
If I feel like having any alcohol then low cal stuff only (gin/tonic!)

Seafood pho with broccoli and zuchinni

10 minutes on stepper (level 12/20)
30 minutes on elliptical (level 16/20)
10-minute stretch/cool down


Lots of water so far
Morning Starbucks bevy: double tall (that kind of morning) caramel macchiato made with soy milk (I’m avoiding dairy again these days. Just because)

I’ll update this when I get back from the celebrations. In the meantime… (FYI, updated!)

Happy Eating!

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