Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Events and an Olympic appetite

Friday weigh in: 183.5
I'm working out everyday for 30 to 45 minutes and am just able to maintain my weight. 
Ah well, at least I'm not gaining weight. Working on the Olympic team is keeping me busy and is thankfully no longer adding to the waist line. 

Pinnacle moment: Went shopping the other day and can easily fit into a size 10, waist size 30 and the medium/large clothing @ the Guess store! 
If you don't get what this means, let me explain it to you quickly.If you've ever been a plus sized girl (14+), you know that those little boutiques like Club Monaco, Jacob, Bebe and the Guess store are pretty much out of your reach. You can wear the accessories and maybe the baggy sweatshirts or what have you, but thats about it. to be able to fit into the regular stuff is pretty dang sweet. :)

The Olympics are here! Who has time to think about slimming down when the city is getting fatter and fuller (with spectators and athletes and thousands of fans). People are always taking beauty shots of themselves in front of touristy stuff (yawn, boring). To me though, the most interesting stuff is the other people around me. Namely how many of them are out there.
My type of Olympic Pics:

This same area BEFORE the 2010 Olympics

Last Sunday on popular Granville street

Happy people roaming the streets
My train ride home. Hint: not usually this busy. Smile!

Robson St.  @ night
I love this one. Go Canada!

Yay to free stuff!
As and added bonus (bonus to my thighs at least). To celebrate all the Quebec men competing in the Snowboard Cross event (congrats to Canadian silver medalist Mike Robertson!), my office had free poutine (fries, cheese curds and gravy) for us to eat while we watched our guys compete. The best and worst idea ever. Best idea because the free poutine was sooo good. Worst idea because free poutine always tastes soooo good.

Damn you free poutine!

Ok so this week I MUST do better and I will do better starting with a trip back to the gym. I haven't seen it since last Thursday and I have a feeling it misses me something fierce.

Happy eating!

Source: Empty Granville street shot

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