Monday, June 21, 2010

How to lose weight (5 tips)

I've gotten several emails asking how I did this (I'm still trying to do it!) and even co workers and friends want to know.

As I weighed myself this week (183.5, up 4 lbs from May, argh!) I figured it's time to remind myself how I WAS doing it as well as how I can continue in my quest to slim it down:

  1. Eat more: if you do nothing else, add veggies and fruits to every meal and snacks during your day. Then start to cut out the other stuff and increase your veggie/fruit intake
  2. Battle it out: Every day will be a battle until it stops being a battle. Accept it up front then you won't feel frustration when you question "Why is this so f#$king hard!??" It's hard cuz fat's a mean SOB that's holding onto your thighs for dear life. Battle it out. You're guaranteed to win in the end!  
  3. Move your ass: Do whatever you love: I love fitness classes and personal training cuz I like people to tell me what to do for an hour so I can just shut my brain the feck off for 45 to 90mins and burn calories
  4. Bargaining is key: Last night I wanted a cheesy slice of pizza but told myself if I ate nothing at night then I could have whatever I wanted for breakfast. In the morning, I'm typically not hungry so I would have a regular, balanced breakfast anyway (ie no cheesy pizza), but I'm ALLOWED to have whatever I want and that mentality is key!
  5. If you don't succeed....: Every meal, every snack, every offer of "Hey, do you want some of this (insert unhealthy snack here)?" is a challenge and a chance to start again. Don't let a lunchtime slip-uip affect the rest of your day. Plan a delicious, healthy dinner and start again!
to be continued...

What are your best  - eat healthy/stay healthy tips?  write em below or send them to


Silver Strands said...

Great tips. I found the "eat more" thing to be true. Thanks for the reminders!

Hungry For Living said...

Great Tips Nelley!

Another one is PORTIONS- remembering what an actual portion is esp when your out to eat or something.

& Make sure you dont deprive yourself, work in whole grains, healthy oils, dairy, fruits & vegies everyday!

Hungry For Living said...

AND PROTINE lol sorry i left that off the list!!

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