Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drinking from Camels

Their milk at least...

my friend sent me this link earlier today:
Soy milk and rice milk are old hat. So why not try Camel's milk - or maybe some camelbert cheese?

Nutraingredients reports that Camel milk may soon appear in European supermarkets. The milk is three times higher in Vitamin C than cows milk (src) - and lower in saturated fat.

A camel dairy in Mauritania even makes a soft cheese from the milk - called 'camelbert'.

Not to be outdone, a chocolatier from Vienna is using powdered camel milk to make the world's first camel chocolate. The manufacturer intends to ship 50 tons of the chocolate back to the middle east - targeting wealthy tourists staying in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

"Milk is money" says the United Nations FAO dairy expert. I'm sure the (cow) dairy industry would agree.

Cool! I would totally try that.  If you read the comments too they talk about making chocolate from camel's milk.  I like cow, sheep and goat's milk so camel milk is just the next logical step! 
I'm placing my order today...where to place it, not really sure. Not many  (actually ZERO) camel farms in Vancouver.

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Silver Strands said...

Yikes! Really??!! Well ... hmmmm.

Jill said...

ahh i don't think i could drink it! haha

notesfromnadir said...

This sounds interesting. All kinds of alternatives to cows milk out there!

Sweatha Sanjana said...

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hosanna said...

just found your blog through a friend you crack me up! im so following you :)

umer khan said...

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