Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get in that dress

September 14th! What a great day to re-launch the blog. Yes, I've been away for a few months. I would like to promise that I will never take a hiatus again, but that'd be about as honest as when I told my ex I didn't cheat on him (for the record, he cheated first!). Oh dysfunctional relationships, eh? They're so much fun when you're bored. 

Moving on. remember that beautiful teal dress I tried on in March 2010 for my good friend's wedding? 

Tried on the size 12...

....decided I could be a size 10 by September!

Well it's arrived!.....and its too small. lol!
I know I shouldn't laugh but its just too funny!  The wedding is October 23rd and I will have to wear a dress that I can't do up in the back down the aisle and to the reception.....
This stuff might be my only hope!

I haven't told the bride yet cuz well, I'm sure she has a lot going on, what with the 400 person wedding and all in a month or so and all the European in-laws flying in to stay with them for a few weeks. 

Ok, well in the meantime, I have been eating better quality stuff (all natural, MSG free) and lots of water so hopefully, HOPEFULLY, in a month I'll be able to easily slip into this dress.

Oh gawd!

My biggest setback is what to have for dinner? I  want to eat something that takes less than 30 minutes to make and isn't a salad. I have salads for lunch all the time and don't want another one when I get home from work.
Ideas, links, all welcome!

Happy, eating!

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Blonde Bookworm! said...

Haha you are hilarious!!! Totally crack me up :) PS. Sorry I spelt your name wrong on my blog today - I have tried to fix it but its not letting me, what the hell?! Anyways, glad to see you back in the blogging world :)

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